Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Expandable Battery dispenser

by Blackbird7171 Jul 19, 2014
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Has anyone printed for D size batteries?

How many AA does the base, and each extension hold? My dad wants one to hold 40 AA at a time.

12 in the base, 6 in each extension.

Thanks for the reply!

Anyone know the scaling for AAAA?

I love finding 'things' that make my other half happy we got this printer, and this one of them (another is https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1155687, go figure :) ). Thanks.

The Chirping Bird Whistle


How big is it? I can't print larger than 100x100x150 (WxDxH) - would I be able to print this?


Yes no problem. Its round about 60x90x80.

I am also trying to slice with Slic3r, but the extension doesn't slice. I am trying to print the dispenser and see what comes up.

I'm also having problems with the extension and Slic3r - it slices, but the right side stops printing at 2 mm and doesn't start again until 17mm, at which point of course it's printing into thin air.

This might be a Slic3r issue, the 3D preview looks good, the sliced preview is missing chunks. Filed https://github.com/alexrj/Slic3r/issues/3946 about it.

Yeah, it's never considered a bug by Slic3r devs unless you can get it to break on a model that is valid and hasn't been auto-repaired.

Garbage in: garbage out. It looks terrible even in the 3d preview on Linux and Windows; that it looked okay at all on OSX is random chance.

I know because I'm the one who closed that issue ;)

Generally slic3r does that when the piece is not "watertight", but i am not sure in this case.

The model, or at least the STL representation (which is a terrible format for 3d printing), isn't manifold. Usually when you see "Auto Repaired" from Slic3r you know you're in trouble.

If you can export in AMF or even Wavefront OBJ then you should do so; Slic3r understands both of those formats.

3MF will hopefully be a thing by September.

Ah, here I thought "repaired" actually meant repaired. That confused me and led to me wasting your time. Sorry.

lordofthehyphens on github pointed me at service.netfabb.com, which nicely repaired it. This version slices nicely: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2316014

Battery Dispenser Extension (Repaired)
by larsrc

No worries. There is a balance in trying to handle bad info and then failing gracefully.

after repairing the STL file i tried to print but it failed at 80% with a lot of the following errors :

00:22:04.941 : Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 186002
00:22:04.942 : Resend: 186003
00:22:04.979 : Error:No Line Number with checksum, Last Line: 186002

Cool thing. I've got my first dispenser printed, with 4 extenders so far. It's only when you really start organising them, and searching through the apartment you realise exactly how many batteries you have and use.
I'll print another AA dispenser soon(and transfer one of the extenders to it as soon as the level in the fist sinks a bit) to hold my rechargeables, and a scaled one for my AAAs(with one or 2 extenders)

A little note for those who wonders;
The dispenser itself holds up to 12 batteries. Each extender adds capacity for 6 batteries as far as I can tell.

Tried to print this twice, and both time it skipped printing abut 10 layers on the left. This looked cool. Maybe something wrong with my software.

Was just handed a PO and a cheque... local electronics-build company wants 25 of these in AA size and 10 in AAA size. How cool is THAT? Someone went on Thingverse found a design and called up their Friendly Local 3D Printer Guru.

Be cautious, this is claimed as a remix of a design that is tagged Non-commercial. Creative commons derivative works usually need to have at least the same restrictions as the design it was derived from.

Although this isn't an art piece so CC may not be in effect (yay lawyers).

AAA scaling should be:
X - 88.1%
Y & Z - 72.4%

88% only gets the length of the battery correct, but not the diameter, meaning it is sloppy rather than the perfect fit that the AA model has. If you scale the axes independently as above, it is a perfect fit just like the AA.

Can confirm. These settings work great for AAA.

That worked perfectly, thanks!


Do you use supports to print ?

Very nice design I scaled it to fit 18650.

Any chance you can share the %?

I added some repaired .stl files. Hope they work better. Feedback wellcome!

I'm new to this - but every time I print the base battery holder it splits right where the long part of the base joins with the shorter tower part. Not sure if it is the design or my setup. Using a FlashForge 0.3mm layer height, 10% infill but have tried other settings. Cool design though !

How much should I scale this to fit 18650 batteries?

measure an AA battery, then measure your 18650.
AA is 14.5 × 50.5mm
18650 has various sizes, but: 18.6 × 65.2 is about the max.

I'll let you find your own Fractions and scale it.
also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_battery_sizes

Lots of holes in the .stl and the .stp files have "inconsistent faces" when imported into Solidworks. What program did you make these in and could you upload another file format?

The bottom part printed ok but slic3r could not slice the extension part that fits up top. It complained that the model had open segments. I had to repair the STL file with netfabb before I could print. After netfabb repaired the file I could print fine.

Could you upload the repaired version, perhaps?

I can't slice the extension .STL
I'm using Slic3r and it says it has unclosed areas and after slicing half of the object is missing?!?!

You can scale from 1.0 --> 0.88 (-12%) to make it work with AAA-Micro batteries

Worked Great! Thanks for the design!

Thanks, I will try.

I'd also like to know how to scale it down to "AAA" friendly... Great design, came out fantastic.

Anyone got an idea how much we have to scale this to make it "dispense" AAA batteries? :)ave to scale this to make it "dispense" AAA batteries? :)

Well done, Looks good. Sending to the printer now!