Smile Baby Yoda.

by Multiverse3DDesigns Nov 25, 2019
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are supports needed

Thanks for creating this awesome model! I've remixed it slightly to fit a 58mm magnet used with a magnetic levitation base.

Levitating Baby Yoda in Pod

If you drop the "egg" down slightly below your virtual print plate in the slicing software, then output the print file from there, it creates a flat spot so this sits perfectly balanced on a desk, table, or cubical wall (no stand required.) Granted, it won't look like it's floating.

It can absolutely float with a magnetic levitating base and a slight modification to the STL! Check out my remix here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4076034

Levitating Baby Yoda in Pod

The stands rod breaks way too easy.

Test printed new Base again no problems. Was on standard print profile. I'm sure on a better tweaked profile could get even better print. No clean up done still on printer.

the yoda and crib print fantastic however im having the same issue others are reporting with the bottom of the stand not sitting perfectly flat on the build plate when sliced no matter how you position it. This applies for both the new and old stand. I managed to work around this by moving the model on the the z axis 1mm down "below the build plate" on cura, this means the print will start at the 1mm section of the base where it is now perfectly flat and you dont have the issue mentioned above. hope this helps

The base is 100% flat. I'm start6to think this is user error. There is a button in cura you can push that will orientate the mesh so its flat. Sometimes it takes a few times pushing it to get it to work 100%.

yes there is an issue with the base sadly, can't figure out how to fix it

Just uploaded a new Stand file.

Strange, the base comes up odd in simplify3d but the baby came up and printed fine. There are gaps in there too.

amazing render man. good stuff. I hope my cheap additive printer can do something good with it.

That's just Yoda in a hover curb. Why is he so wrinkly?