Mini Fig

by Stefan Sep 5, 2010
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the single hands are to long for the arms. I had to cut them. :-P if you put them on the same plate as the
MiniFig_HeadandHands_print.STL you can see the differences. otherwise great job.

Made one. Awesome! My daughter loves it. She even took it into school for show and tell! The tip to us soldering iron to mushroom the arm pegs was a great tip!

print with support material?

Great suggestion! Thanks!

For anyone else resizing these to 4X total size minifigs, I've made some leg and arm pins here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6978http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Leg and Arm pins for 4X LEGO minifigs

wow stefan, you can build your own private army now just like a chinese emperor from way back when who build a life size terracotta army. cheers!


a wooden skewer stick fits the arms and body perfectly.

Could you upload the design files?

i have been putting the legs on by using superglue to glue one leg to a piece of filament about 2" long, then put the hips and other leg on, trim the filament so there is about 3mm on the the non super glued hip. then press a soldering iron or hot glue tip onto the filament to mushroom it out. you can do the same thing on the arms, superglue/hot glue the filament into the arm, fit it to the body and use a soldering iron to melt the inside. it should last forever.

Can't wait to print these. It would be awesome if it was divided into three print files. One for the head and hands, one for torso and arms and one for legs and hips. Although by doing it individually you can make the pieces even bigger....

I added some files to help batch print like colored parts of the mini fig. Enjoy.

i just printed the whole sheet in a few different colors and then you can mix and match the legs, head, hands and torso. if you are careful you can make it so the legs will press fit into the torso. add a tiny bead of hot glue and it holds them there till you need to change to a different color pants. i used the single hand and head and used multiply, you can fit 9 heads on a makerbot platform and about 16 hands i think

Wonderful! I made one, it took about 1 hr 45 minutes to print on my CupCake. I super-glued 3mm filament pieces only to the hips and all parts are now moving nicely. :-D

love the idea of using the extruder head to weld pieces together!

very cool, how wide is the bottom of the torso? i am trying to put all the files on a single STL so i can print them at once. when i import things into sketch it makes them huge


The bottom of the torso is 30.82mm wide. I have added a single print STL.

thanks, i put em all on a single file and started printing them. first time i had to use a raft looks like its going to come out great. thanks for putting up a single file. its goitn to be really fun printing each part as a separate color as well.

Awesome - that red ABS looks great.!