Smartrap MC3

by Topdevice Jul 20, 2014
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Hi, great work, I really like the no-belts approach.
I want to build one for my son but i have a couple of questions.
Is there a way to fit a RAMPS 1.4 board instead?
Also I saw another design of yours called MC2 comeback, which of the 2 is better/newer?
Thank you.

Hi, FherraZ! MC2 better and easier. Mounting for Ramps I did not design. Try to design yourselves.. It may be at the rear.

Could you please publish the BOM: how many details of each kind to print?

Would you be kind and make back plate where you mounting step motor drivers, instead of what you using
mounting for RAMPS1.4? I would be a great benefit for all people who use RAMPS.
Best regards, Thank you.

This one is design for NEMA17 L48 right ? Because when i assemble with my L40 it seems to not fit in the height of the bottom center part and motor

Can you tell me which files I should print to upgrade from the regular Smartrap to this Smartrap MC3?
Regular Smartrap has too many issues with bed flexing.

I think u need to print :
1x bottom_z_extruder.stl
1x bottom_center.stl
1x bottom_y.stl
1x bottom_end.stl
1x end_y_front.stl
1x end_y_back.stl
1x glass_holders.stl
1x endStopZ.stl
And also depend on your current Smartrap, change the actuator part to rack or some small things
I am printing to upgrade my 0.4.6, hope can show the result soon.

That's right.
1x bottom_z_extruder.stl - possible without it.

awesome, once i sort out the warping issue and the bending PLA i will have a Smartrap MC3.

Greate mod, can you tell me whats the lenght of the rods you used? I want to upgrade my smartrap to your Y axis and whole base, but i dont know how long rods to buy.

Rods same as Serge. Do not buy new.

Ok, thanks. And will my ramps 1.4 fitt somewhere there?

Is it possible to increase the working area of the printer by replacing the relevant parts?

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hi, i really like your design! I wonder something: what is your motor's model? I mean which nema17's? I've got this:nema 17 17HS4401. but they're not working! :/

Are you planning to upload rest of the parts,
Or you just promote your selling site?
It is not possible to finish it with out all plastic parts...
Thank you.

Would you be kind, and upload rest of X-Axis files (back and front).
Thank you.

Great design, I would be even better if it can have mounting option for RAMPS 1.4...

Very nice i am going to try this out. I am wondering if there is a file for the Plate Y. I do not see one. Thanks

plate Y upload

Wow you are fast. Thank You very much. One more thing. Is that 5mm threaded rod you are using on the racks, same as the Z rod.

Pls. see the latest photo

nice rework but the BC peice is a pain to print due to the overhang, can you bring taper the bottom edge to the lower outer edge so it's easy too print.

there is a few parts missing like the bracket for the electronics in the front ?

Awesome work I love it !!!
Keep it up. Is it ok if I mod this and sell as kit ?
iam not sure of the license completely but iam allowed to sell but must share any improvements ?

great mod ! i like it !