Star Spawn of Cthulhu

by dutchmogul Jan 3, 2013
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Beautiful. I am going to make it bigger though if I can. :)

Don't eat the squirrels

eat me. (Cluthu bites my head off)

I gotta say, hats off once again to ya. Beautiful work. How do you get such great print quality? What do you print on? And what is your tip size?

Hey, thanks for saying that! I actually print on a single-extruder Replicator (first one). Its...er...whichever nozzle comes with that one. Its escaping me at the moment. As for print quality, I just experienced with settings until I found one that works. A .10 layer height has done well for me, especially so with PLA, though its rough on my machine and I end up with a pile of failed prints, so I've switched back to ABS for a while. I really want a Rep 2 in the worst way for that very reason.

I gave this a print earlier today. Slic3r complained about holes in the model but I just let it try anyway.

Unfortunately it came out rather embarrassingly poorly for me. It looks like slic3r's guess as to how to patch the model didn't work out. He ended up with no face or thighs at all and his wings have an awkward stutter step.

It's a nice model and I look forward to trying it again and getting it to work but it looks like people will need to netfabb it first if they intend to use slic3r.

The model is not manifold, therefore any slicer will produce prints, that have holes in the wings. Compare the model with pictures of the actual print - there you see the holes.

Oh, bummer. Yeah, I did mine in RepG. Never used Slic3r before.

How is this, design was, significantly different from Cthluhu himself?

Design-wise? I don't know...not so different. The size at which this guy prints was intended to be in relation to 15mm scale models, so he's not big enough to be Cthulhu. Although, for all intents and purposes, you could say he's Cthulhu if it makes you happy ;-) Or print a reaaaally big one....

I named my cat cathulu... kind of ironic

Hehe, Cathulhu... awesome.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

This one is awesome! Going to print one for my brother, who is a lovecraft nutjob :-)

Right on! Post it up if he prints!

how do you make these?

I design the pieces separately in Sculptris, transfer them from OBJ to STL files in Blender, then I import the, to TinkerCAD where I assemble, stretch, duplicate, and re-size them to need. Sculptris is a free program. If you haven't tried it, totally check it out. Very intuitive.

Has Tinkercad increased the polygon count of stl imports?
or do you have to do it in chunks?

Hey, thanks!

Yeah, I think they have increased it, though this one was imported in bits.