by barney Jan 3, 2013
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I made this but it is not a bracelet. It is solid. What's up with that?

You have to print it with 0 bottom layers, 0 top layers, and single wall

i have one question why is it so hard to just give an stl of the bracelet without any shells or other complicated things

Hola, soy de Mexico, utilizo the r2 MakerBot y como software MakeWare, coloque infill en 0% y Number of Shells no deja colocar 0... alguna idea?

Saludos y gracias!

argh! makerware does not allow 0 shells. any info would be great.

Hi, i'm guessing they've updated makerware so that 1 shell now does the same thing? i'm not sure, it's worth a try. If not it will probably require a custom profile.

yeah, turns out its the linux version with that issue...the windows version allowed 0. go figure. Looks great btw!

Could you produce an stl without the bottom and top closed? If I slice and print on my replicator, the filled structure also comes out.

Have you tried slicing it with 0 infill and 0 shells? I can try when I have a spare minute although I'm not sure how thick to make it so that it only prints 1 shell

the r2 acrylic plate is just horrible! it is very warped

glass plate is almost the only way you can get flat prints

usually people go to a local glass shop and get it custom cut for 15-25$

to anyone else, it is easy to cut glass and the tool is only $10 plus the 2$ glass from home depot

Thanks, yeh the levelling process is one of the various problems I'm having with the rep2 so far, I guess it's down to the build plate.

The final checkpoint at the end of the levelling process is always a lot tighter than all the other points. I may have to go down this route.

I just printed this, it has to be the best looking print I've made to date. Finally got this machine to print at .1mm layer height successfully, thanks to my newly cut glass build plate (Thanks Dearco!)

Nice work, man. It printed excellently!

Cheers! out of interest what was the reason for getting a glass build plate? and where did you get it from?