Airbrush Spray Booth Air Filter

by rebeltaz Dec 3, 2019
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Pro tip: stack multiple fans to gain an additive effect to static pressure. Could use some RTV to seal them together. Also, tits. That is all.

Well, yeah... tits are also a pro tip. I didn't know that about stacking fans, though. I will have to try that. Thank you!

You're welcome. Found that one out when I was doing research into making my own professional grade over head fume extractor.

I forgot to add that you might consider using a carbon filter instead of a single coffee filter.

I guess the carbon filters better than the coffee filter? With this being acrylic, I don't really thing it's all that bad - not like enamel would be - but I did figure it was a good idea to at least catch some of the larger particles. I'll look into the carbon filters, though. Have to get something I could cut to size (saw some linked from that product) and redesign the tray but... How would the airflow be affected compared to the coffee filter? More or less air restriction?

The coffee filters aren't really meant for air filtration. You could use furnace filters or something like this. I think furnace filters would be best because you don't have to wait on Amazon to ship to you and if you get a large enough one, it can be cut down to multiple filters and they're pretty cheap. Could design it based on the length and width of a filter too. Say it's 2x3, you could get 6 filters out of it. There's a lot to be considered with paint fume/VOC filters and I'm not going to sit here and pretend to be a professional either XD. This has some good things to consider. If you get fans with four wire PWM control you can use a 555 timer IC to generate a variable signal as seen here. I've used them before in my fume extractor thing. This is a good article on fan configuration.

I think it would less restrictive using carbon or fiberglass filter material than using cellulose filters. It's definitely going to be less strain on your fans too.

I have some furnace filters laying around here. I might can try those. I will definitely take a look at those articles. I'm not overly concerned about heath risks. I've made it this far in life throwing caution to the wind and if the Good Lord sees fit to call me home, so be it... but... no need to go home with multi-colored lungs, I suppose :)

At the very least pick up a respirator. I hear lung cancer is a fashion faux pas this decade. ;)