Fischertechnik Boxes Mechanic & Static 2

by Karsten64 Dec 4, 2019
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I'd love this to be customizable, so I would not be bound to the parts that were supposed to be in that particular box but could design/use one box for specific parts, another box for other parts and so on.
Having multiple marble tracks makes keeping parts together a big task for my son.

The best solution would be an automatic generation of optimized boxes based on a list of parts. That would require a very sophisticated algorithm and a huge library of box elements for the parts. Something like that may be an add-on for OpenSCAD.
Currently, I use a CAD software and create each box individually, but I will think about an OpenSCAD-based solution in the future, The first step is to create a basic library of customizable elements for specific Fischertechnik parts and variable number of parts. Sounds like a good community project in github for Fischertechnik enthusiasts.

Hi Karsten,
thanks for the positive reply.
I just recently had good success with combining various STL models into one model using just OpenSCAD and the import feature of it. So I imagine that creating a basic STL model for the box and then STL modules for each part that you can place inside the box using OpenSCAD seems to me to be the easiest way to do it, for example:

union() {
translate([0,0,0]) import("emptybox.stl");
translate([x,y,0]) import("module1.stl");
translate([x,y,0]) import("module2.stl");
translate([x,y,0]) import("module3.stl");
translate([x,y,0]) import("module4.stl");

That way everyone could create their own box, and if the modules are designed with the same bottom as the box itself one does not have to worry about the Z value. And I think you could reuse the design you already created to just export the single modules.

What I wrote above is the most I can possibly contribute though because I have close to no 3D design experience nor knowledge, just a bit of basic talent. But given proper advise I'd be willing to share some workload when time allows for it.