Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

9g Servo arms, different couplers to 5mm threaded rod WIP

by Schorhr Jan 4, 2013
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Works well! Just need to get the fit a little tighter and modify it for either a different screw or make the walls thinner so the short one will fit. Other then that, seems good.

Apart from the nice design, and the challenge involved in printing the fine details.
Why not create an adapter for using the existing servo arm?

Using a double arm and two small self tapping screws.
Perhaps even cutting down the servo arm length.
Won't be as pretty as this design, but much easier :)

Yes, that idea came to me too :-)
I just don't know if it will be stable / wobble free and if I have enough clearance for it to rotate.
I was thinking about using the four-sided arm even (it has two little flaps more then the two-arm part).
Do you think self tapping screws will do? I was kind of affraid it would either split the layers or wiggle it's way out after moving a lot under force.

One Idea I just had typing this and looking at the part: I could make two segments enclosing the four arms, and two bolt with nuts tightening it arround both servo-arm and the 5mm threaded rod...
(rough sketch: http://thingiverse-production.s3.amazonaws.com/renders/28/78/47/84/23/servknobclamp_display_medium.jpghttp://thingiverse-production.... )

Could you print the coupler slightly smaller then heat the part and force it onto the splines ?

I also have a UP! :-)

No need to print it smaller, I created a tight-fit version with a gap in the tube, you could just heat the top ... great idea! I'll just create a nëw version with bigger teeth or perhaps a screw to dig into the servo knob :-)