RMRC RDQ Rotor Riot PSU Covers

by WoodyInMD Dec 8, 2019
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The additional XT60 port on the output cover shouldn't be an issue. I had originally designed it like that but removed the port as a) i only use a single output, and b) the specific PSU hadn't been formally tested with an additional draw on the output. IT shouldn't be a problem though, just be cautious about the over current draw (<16.6A total, split between the two outputs).

I like the switched mains connector. That would actually be a good idea as i was looking for an option to switch the PSU on/off without unplugging it. The only problem is the dimensions. At a guess, the module is at least 25mm wide, 55mm long. That's very close to, maybe larger, than the internal dimensions of the cover.

Other than the dimensions (which could be just a case of increasing the outer dimensions of the cover to compensate) the only other issue is that the socket module will need to be glued in (i don't think the provided panel clip will fit with the thickness of TPU required).

I've got a similar one on order from Amazon and will keep you posted on the re-design.

Awesome! Thank you.

I did print out the current files in PLA and scaled them to 101% in cura and they fit very well.

That's great. I saw your Make and the PLA comes out looking really smooth.

Is the scaling required to adjust for under extrusion, or for the lack of flex compared to TPU? Or an error in my dimensions LOL?

I've added the double XT60 cover option to the STLs. Just waiting on the mains socket/switch to verify the dimensions.

I think its mainly that i printed it in PLA, Im sure that when printed in TPU it would fit very well. Though when i printed at 100% in PLA it would not fit well, since there is zero flex. One part that i noticed i had to shave off some of the XT60 to make it fit in the hole on the XT60 cover.

The mains cover for the socket/switch/fuse combo is up. I've printed one (with some revised TPU settings for quality) and it works really well. It's a little fiddly to get all the wiring tucked into the cover and around the connector block, but it's well worth the effort.

I trimmed down the terminals on the socket/switch and soldered all the wiring. I had heard a few stories of loose connections and over-heating at the terminals, hence my caution.

Thanks for the great idea. So much better with a switch on board!

Just finished printing mine in pla i scaled it up 1% again and it fits very well, it is a tight squeeze with all the wires.