Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Interstellar Imperial Army - CurseSaber

by outofstep Jul 23, 2014
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How many sponsons must I print?? 2 ? Thanks!

Hey just curious after you finish this one do you plan to make the other ones

love it. please find my rework of your canon https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3596253

CurseSaber main canon

what is that leman russ in the back of the photos. did you print or is it real i cant tell.

I'm having a horrible time printing the cannon. Multiple failed prints so far, nothing I seem to change gets me there. Any suggestions?

just curious how large this is because im not sure if i can print the object

you use some sort of supports on this build ???
where ???

im using makerware with a ctc ultimaker
im noob

Awesome model, loving it!

I used the rewrap feature in Netfabb to fix a couple of issues, but it is printing really well.

A request: can you post the files for the cannons without splitting them in half? I was going to print them standing up using soluble support, so I don't need them split.

Also - where does the floodlight go? I can't spot it in your pictures.

Which part was giving you issues?

Yep, looks like I forgot to include the cannons for the sponson mounts. I'll get on that. Will be uploaded shortly.

The spotlight, it mounts on the side of the turret. I just didn't have it glued on in my pictures. Baneblade picture from google show acouple mounting options. Along those lines, I need to upload the antenna mounts for the turret.

The treads had self intersections, so the wheels printed strangely. The small details on the front of the center hull also had self intersections, so they printed as a thin layer over a square hole.

Thanks for uploading the cannons! I didn't know better so I was just going to stick the coaxial gun on the turrets...

I used Netfabb to reconstruct the main gun and the hull gun, worked great. The eagle deco pack is awesome as well.

I also used Netfabb to punch out holes in the small turrets, and modeled a turret mount for them.

I've printed the whole thing in grey, with golden eagles. Will send you a pic when done.

DUDE. My apoc battles are about to be far too one-sided.