12 Volt Power Supply Cover

by beekeeper Jan 5, 2013
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No nonsense, I like it

Can you explain me how to wire the LED rocker switch?

I have tried sending the one without the switch hole to my Da Vinci 1.0A but it just refuses to accept the print.
The one with the switch hole is accepted perfectly. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be?

Nice design. Can someone describe the dimensions of the switch opening? Or perhaps some sort of description of the switch to make sure I buy the right one? This will be nice mounted to the frame of my Prusa Air!

Yes, the main mount hole is 12mm x 17mm (sometimes called out as 0.51" x 0.77"). Once place to find them is ebay, like here http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-10-Amp-On-On-Rocker-Switch-/150305774233?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item22feec1a99http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-1...
at $7.50 they are a bit pricey. In bulk they are under $1 each. It's just a standard Rocker SPST (or DPST) 5 amp/250 VAC or 10 amp/110 VAC switch - very popular.

Muchas gracias!!! ya lo estoy imprimiendo y gracias también por compartir los archivos skp.

Thanks !
I made one and it's perfect.


We will offer this power supply soon and will add a link to your cover and offer switch and cover in option. You never know, it could save kids life :-)

Very good. You definitely have my blessing (not that you need it, because.... IT'S OPEN SOURCE!)

Printed perfectly and looks great. Thanks!

Btw were is that filament from? I like the mate grey color.

I printed it using Ultimachine's Silver PLA. 3mm found at http://ultimachine.com/content/pla-3mm-silver-1lbhttp://ultimachine.com/content... , 1.75mm found at http://ultimachine.com/content/pla-175mm-silver-1lbhttp://ultimachine.com/content... . Their Silver PLA is a dream to print with. I printed it on Blue Tape, heat bed off, because I wanted the matte finish on the backside instead of a glossy finish. It blends in better that way.

It looks good, thx

I like how this fits inside insteadof over the psu like the other designs. Good thinking.

Yeah, I like things flush, so you can still set the power supply on any of 5 sides for flexibility.

Very nice, like the switch idea.

nice, exactly what i needed