Baby Yoda

by MarVin_Miniatures Dec 11, 2019
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I did the supports like mohag519 and I also broke the tip of the down hand finger. The silk green bronze PLA on Amazon looks great. This was my first official 3D print after a couple of tests. 7 hrs 10min on an Anycubic Chiron. Size 100%, 10% fill.

I turned on the "tree supports" in experimental settings in Cura without changing any of it's parameters and it turned out really well with easy to remove supports... Except of that one downwards-facing hand, actually just that middle finger. I glued it back on though because the rest of it is flawless. If someone wants to try it out then perhaps use support-blockers around those fingers or something.

I also broke one of the fingers off the first time. I am more careful when removing supports that I have not broken one off again. But I did play around with my support settings in PrusaSlicer. With the model facing the front of the printer I increased my pattern spacing to 2.5 and Pattern angle to 90 degrees (so the supports are perpendicular to the model and not horizontal. This helped in removing around the fingers but you still need to be careful. I am going to increase my Pattern spacing to 3 next and see if that helps. I also used support blockers to prevent supports on the face and inside ears and on my Prusa i3 MK3S it does a great job with no supports there. I included some pics of what my resulting sliced model. I printed and painted and showed my friends and they love it. I did remove the base in my slicer on the one in the pic to speed up printing time and wanted to later make a base with the "Do the magic hand thing" that someone suggested and glue it on.

Hi sorry did not mean to sound bad about no supports on arms but new to 3D Printing and thought that model would come with supports in files , it’s printed the model ok apart for the left hand which was a little disappointing and I was not sure how to add supports after seing what happened , but would be happy to take any advice you give I’m currently using cura , so do apologise.

The slicing software you use (Cura, Simplify 3D, Slic3r, PrusaSlicer) will add the supports. Supports are one of the trial and error things at times. I posted some hints I have used to help. I use Simplify 3D and PrusaSlicer (I have a Prusa i3 MK3S). While Simplify 3D gives you more control over supports I have had better success with PrusaSlicer, but it takes some learning. Cura will have settings for supports. I would say this is not a good model for learning 3D printing and supports. But at the same time, it gives you a good idea of why supports are needed. See if Cura will auto generate the supports and start with that. There should be a setting. I used Cura a few times about 2 years ago when I first got into 3D printing on my Anycubic. But then I found Simplify 3D and even though it costs, it was easier for me to use to learn, especially with the custom supports.

Just curious is this you? if not thought we'd let you know. Kind of a shame to see some offer this for free and see other people cashing in on it.



Hi I'm new to 3d printing I have a Ender 3. Now I have a question how do you make things to print. Do you have any free programs to try it?

There is a free program called Cura. You can slice the model then put it in your 3d printer.

any chance we can get a file thats cut into different pieces that we can glue together and print different pieces in different colors? thx
i.e. hands and head

Awesome print. I can't get the right hand to come out perfect but ya know what I still like it. I scaled down to 80 and added supports. I'm totally still learning so maybe I did something wrong. Its only my 3rd print ever.

Super good! Why is it tagged cannabis though? Lol.

can someone give me what cura settings they used for this in terms of support? I am new to printing. I printed it last night and it completely trapped his right hand in supports. also i got about 85% done and it was looking good and all of a suddent the nozzle dragged through his head and ruined the print. any idea on how to fix that?

so disappointed in this there is no supports in the file so started to print for a few hours but had to stop as the arms had no support .

supports are your responsibility while slicing, they should not be in the STL file

Nice model! took me 7h to print.
Video of my print: https://youtu.be/qBV2ZrJLCxQ

Amazing print but it almost always breaks on the 2 fingers on the right hand.....

Any chance you can post a version without the stand? It looks absolutely amazing!

Just set it lower on the build plate in your slicer. Set z negative 30mm or whatever to not have it.

Finally got this little guy printed! Everyone at the makerspace was really excited. @166ml of resin though we are looking at doing a hollowed out version next. I still need to paint him (next) - we are also thinking of doing a clear resin version and uplight. I'll post it when its complete! Everyone loves the design BTW - Thank you!

This is sort of a re-post since I accidently deleted my prev comment when I was trying to upload a picture. I scaled this print up to 150%, took the number of layers down and drastically reduced the infill to try to speed up the print time. The print had some serious issues including a big gap around the waist area so I aborted it. Any thoughts on what would have caused this?

Newbie printer here still getting my head around the process. What would the best print settings be for Chitubox to print on an Anycubic Photon printer? I've had 2 attempts using a clear resin, not changing the scale, sliced using the Anycubic software, first was not at an angle and the second was at 45 degrees. With the first print (img_1790), the base edge was deformed and the supports directly under the base were all filled instead of being small sticks. And with the second (img_1791), this time at a 45 degree angle, the base closest to the plate was also deformed. The rest of the print turned out fine. Except for the second where I ran out of resin 3/4 through. Any help???

After reading all the comments about printing issues below, I followed the comment and recommendation to lower the scale to 80%, supports everywhere, and then I placed Support Blockers via Cura to get the support structures where they need to be. The print came out perfect and with minimal support removal.

I have posted my make as well. Cheers and thanks for the great thing!

Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for sharing!!

Time for someone to change the text to "Do the magic hand thing"

It's no derivatives license so unfortunately unless he makes it no remixing on this one.

I was just thinking about this. Somebody needs to do that remix :D

Comments deleted.

Absolutely awesome model, you nailed his facial expression, thanks for sharing!

is posible to make a version with head and hands in diferent pieces for a real size print ? y could be great for painting too!!!

Thanks for the great work!!!

Is there any chance you could make a baby yoda monitor topper? I think that'd be rad so it can sit on your computer monitor. You absolutely nailed the face of him so I think just maybe changing it so his arms hold him onto the monitor would be cool! Just a thought :)

Beautiful model and it prints well.... with the exception of the downward hand! It's kicking my but. I've probably printed this 10 times with different slicers and playing with settings and I keep loosing those fingers. I've even tried using the force.

I finally mastered the hand using S3D and custom supports. Put angled supports about 15 deg from the build plate on each finger tip. Support pillars 3mm. Support infill 100%

Awesome model! Love it. Well done.

Comments deleted.

Can anyone recommend some good Cura support settings for printing this model? I'm having a hell of a time removing them, especially on the downward facing hand. I'm fairly new to this and using all the defaults, going to try zig-zag rather than triangle since it says they're easier to remove but I'd appreciate other recommendations as well.

Same issue here. The downward hand is all messed up with the support material.

I have some that work pretty well now. I ended up cutting the base off in blender and using the following non-default settings in cura: 80% size, 0.2mm layers, 10% cubic subdivision infill, support placement: buildplate, use towers, support horizontal expansion: 1, support pattern: zigzag. I also put a support blocker on the downward hand/sleeve with just the ends of the fingers poking through to give them support towers so the hand doesn't get encased (image attached).

The supports were way easier to remove and the only flaw I had was a single loop of plastic under the back ledge of the robe which I snipped off. I'm not sure if the horizontal expansion value does anything, it lets more supports be created on the build plate for the robe but I'm not sure how much it supports anything. Oh and I'm printing on an Anycubic Mega-S. Hopefully this helps.

Thanks for the settings, the support blocks is a great idea. I too am printing on a Anycubic Mega-S as well :)
So far by dialing back some of the support settings I have gotten a few ok prints but I will try your settings this weekend.

Ok, finally got some great prints (0.1), I added a support blocker on the downward facing hand and also adjusted the "minimum support area" to 2 in Cura for a print that was resized to 65%. I was able to easily remove the support material with a utility knife and small needle nose pliers.

Ok, finally got some great prints (0.1), I added a support blocker on the downward facing hand and also adjusted the "minimum support area" to 2 in Cura for a print that was resized to 65%. I was able to easily remove the support material with a utility knife and small needle nose pliers.

Fantastic design! I was wondering if anyone else was having issues printing the head? It keeps messing up around the mouth area?

I was wondering if it would be possible to get the head and hands separate as I keep running into issues with these parts.
Thank you!

I'd also love to be able to print the robe separate from the head and hands. I was looking at moving it around in Cura to isolate those parts, but it's going to be difficult to clean the old ones out to add the other ones (I'm thinking about printing at different temps with silk filament to get different levels of gloss).

I like this design! You did a fantastic job, quick question though. When you say Resolution 1.2, are you recommending it to be printed at .12mm layer height?

Comments deleted.

Could you validate the model and please repost. The mesh errors are brutal. PrusaSlicer and NetFabb even complain about it.
The high-res fur collar trigges a LOT of supports that need to be cleaned up. I have tried Chitubox, Wanhao workshop and PrussaSLicer- similar results.

Open in 3d Builder, import, fix errors.

32 errors on a model this detailed is nothing. You just need to right click the model and select "fix through NetFabb" after you load it in Prusa slicer it will be fine. I just did one at 150% scale and 0.12mm layer height using the following support settings and it turned out great. 20' overhang threshold, detachable contact distance, rectilinear pattern, 3mm spacing, 2 interface layers, and 0.4mm x/y spacing. Supports were a breeze to remove and left almost no scaring.

Thank you for your job!

The thing I love about this model is that almost no one in the world prints one so I feel special

Oh wow look I like to shit on things that are universally adored. I am so edgy.

I did not intend to shit on it - it was an attempt at making people laugh.
I apologise if I offended you

My third print ever at 25% size. Came out awesome.

This will be my third print too. Did you need supports? I see red spots and I am mid print...kinda nervous

Did anyone else lose fingers on the right hand? I had to glue his index finger back on, but the middle and end fingers lost in the supports. I was just wondering if anyone had a fix for this. I used Cura, with tree supports, only touching the build-plate, support overhang set to 55.

I’ve lost fingers as well. I have my supports at 59 and everywhere though. How is it doing besides the fingers?

I’ve lost fingers as well. I have my supports at 59 and everywhere though. How is it doing besides the fingers?

I use Cura 4.4.1. I had to find and add "Minimum Support Area". I put a value of 5 in this item and it now supports the fingers properly.

  • Click on Settings on the menu
  • Click on "Configure visibility settings"
  • Click in the Filter... search box and type "Minimum Support Area"
  • Put a checkmark on this item
  • Click the Close button

Go back to you model settings and find the Support group. You will see "Minimum Support Area". Put a 5 in this item. Then, slice your model. Look at the Preview and make sure that Cura generated supports that touch the model's fingertips. Play with numbers in this setting until you get good support for the fingertips. Like I said, 5 seems to work for me.

Thanks so much. I lost a couple of fingers on a couple of prints so I’ve been way more careful removing the supports. I’ve been just peeling back the layers very carefully. It’s kind of a pain but it’s working. I just updated Cura Yesterday so I will try this.

Just wanna thank you for this great design. Best 3d baby Yoda on Thingiverse. Removed the base and printed him at 250%. :D

That's insane! the hair, the colour blending, the detail in the eye/iris... wow. Kudos to the designer as well, of course.

That is so awesome. Great job! I’ve just started playing around with painting. I hope I could do the print justice like this.

Beautiful! The hair is an excellent touch!!! Thank you for the kind words also

Hello! Could you please make a version with head and hands that are separate? It is very difficult to paint! Especialy the neck area.
Separate paws ( ONLY BARE SKIN zones) hands head and coat, all separate.

I turned this into an extruder knob to match the original yoda one. Mind if I upload it?

I would just post it as a remix.

Thats a great! But no thank you, we may do it ourselves some day.

Making this now! By the way, saw the Twoonie ~ Toronto? We are in Ottawa ourselves. Set my print to be full scale, with 15% infill at pretty decent detail settings (after painting this, I figure it doesn't need to be like .05 or anything like that). Cant wait for it to be done! 2.5 days to print LOL

Wowsers a long print time! Yup we are working Torontonians!

Yup yup, long print. I had the machine running really slow for this one. Was not in a hurry so thought, why not, get it off the bed Christmas day :) I use a CR-10 (modded). Im one of the crazies that builds full size terminators, T-800s, raptors... Not happy unless I am working on something big that I will have to give away because there is no more room in my house or shop for things that big lol ~ by the way, thank you for this, the model is beautiful!

This one is the best so far among the others unsuccessfully matching the original one. Thank you.

Thank you! We aim for excellence!

Hey awesome model!

I made a remix of this without the base, but i cant seem to upload because you have chosen a license that does not allow remixes, could you change this?

Sorry we would prefer to do it ourselves. A lot of effort went into it and we would prefer to control whats out there of ours. Thank you for choosing to make but! We would love to see it

Text says "What you seek is seeking you"

Wonderful job! what did you use to create it? And will you have one without the text on the bottom?

Excellent sculpting job! My one is in painting process now, I'll show it when finished.

He’s adorable! I like it without the text on the base, wish I was talented enough to remix it.

I know this may be a huge ask, but your model is amazing. I want to print this in full color, can you pop the base hands and head off so I can print them all separate?

Love it !! now all we need is a soup-drinking baby yoda

Broth.... is not soup.

Best one yet!!! Any chance of getting one without the words on the base?

I'm a novice at printing and this is actually only my second print. I tried printing without supports and the only thing that messed up was his right hand that is pointing down. How am I able to add in a support just for that hand?
Excellent work on the model btw! And TIA!

Add support blockers where you don't want supports. I'm a novice as well. Tried support blockers in cura for the first time last night and it worked flawless

What program are you using to slice?

It should be in the slicing settings. Take a look on youtube for some tutorials! Here is a handy link to their documentation: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52663-support

I really like your work. I am having problems with the file. Slicing build program tells me there is an error in the file and I cannot print the model.

Are you trying to slice the OBJ or the STL? The obj may not slice as this is not a 3d print compatible format in some cases.

Can you post one without the text on the base?

Any update on the textless version? Right now I need to shift it down below, but some people might like it with the larger base, but without the text :) It would be cool to maybe add a particular signet on the bottom ;) Thanks for this!