Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by mrob27 Jan 5, 2013
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Printed a couple of these in PETG (0.1mm layer height) with 22 and 40 teeth (for no particular reason). They came out absolutely great and work well with no post-processing (although cleaning up the holes would make them a bit neater). Certainly seem strong enough and even though they took a couple of hours to print, it's still quicker and cheaper than buying them on line. Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear it's strong. From this I gather that it meshes well with standard LEGO gears? What about the fit for the central hole (not wobbly?)

Meshes perfectly with the few gears we have. Fits snugly onto genuine axle shaft without any modification and doesn't appear to wobble

one thing I noticed is that it does not automatically create beveled tooth gears, would it be possible to add that ability? with the stock gears I have found that the flat gears are when divided by four are even and the beveled when divided by 4 are odd... I don't know enough OpenSCAD to add this ability myself.

I created gear-v3.scad by modifying someone else's file. I don't know enough to be able to make beveled gears (which require a completely different shape for the gear teeth)

I'm working on this right now... give me a moment...

Try this:


Customizeable Lego bevel gear
by spandit

Whenever i try to render it, it says:
ERROR: Parser error in line 75: syntax error
ERROR: Compilation failed!
How can i fix this?

You have not told what software you are using (with version numbers).

I use OpenSCAD for Mac, version 2011.12 and the file works for me.

Nevermind I was changing the wrong thing. Thanks for the quick reply!

So it works now?

If not, I was just going to say you'd have to go back to an earlier version of OpenSCAD or debug it yourself.

Yes it works fine now.

Excellent! :D If you print it out, let us know how well it fits with other axles/gears (and what type of printer or printing service you used)

I am using OpenSCAD 2015.03-2 on Windows 10.

My son and I are playing with an old Lego Mindstorms set and I've been wanting to make custom-sized gears for a while. Thank you!

That's great! If you print it let me know what home printer (or commercial service) you used, and how it comes out. I haven't had the chance to calibrate the tolerances (fit).