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Tall Dominion Crusader

by Winterburn Dec 12, 2019
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I started my print from the legs, however, it quickly turned out that the ball which is the ankle of the leg is connected to the calf, and the rim which allows the ball of the ankle to rotate in the foot is connected to the foot, both these parts must be printed separately which will allow their assembly. original parts designed by Stroganoff gives you the option to print these parts separately. even in your reference picture for mounting the whole leg the picture shows the placement of the above-mentioned elements in a position that can not be achieved by printing only your models. unless after printing they need to be cut off and glued back after they are correctly placed. I am wondering, however, why you didn't make your modified elements to fit the other parts previously made by Stroganoff or improved by SebTheis. wouldn't it be a simpler solution?

I didn't make it for you, I designed it how I wanted it! stop bitching and make your own. FFS!

I have a great request for you. If it would not cause too much trouble. would you be able to split the leg parts in half like in the original SebTheis model since you have the original components. I think it would be a lot easier if you did it, or rather I would do it by importing files into a completely different program than you used.

I thought through the whole situation looking closely at your models - do nothing - because I came to the conclusion that you are not able to do it. I will cancel the previous request. the level of garbage inside your models left after modelling is so great that I would have to do everything from the beginning based on dimensions or shape alone. models are only for people printing in resin. it's a pity because, at first glance, they look great

I thought through the whole situation looking closely at your comments - do less - i came to the conclusion that you are an arrogant asshat. I will uphold my request for you to do less, the level of garbage in your comment is so great that i would have to determine you are a sad person who needs to get more of a life. Comments are only for people who aren't pricks. I'd say it's a pity, but even at first clance - you look like a prick.

as usual, people who speak English claim that someone who comes from another country is simply offensive, insolent. etc. you have no respect or understanding for anyone but yourself and your language (English) and you do not realize that someone can communicate in this way in his country without obstacles and in his country it is not an offensive form. Have I hit you again in a tender place and trampled your feelings? sorry about that...

As somebody who is not a native english speaker but uses englich as a 3rd language I can assure you that you are wrong and indeed are behaving like a total asshat.
In no way it is believable that your words where not meant rude, especially taking into consideration the way you worded your statements.
Would you care to enlighten us in which country ppl communicate like that? (I have one idea, but i don't wanna spoil it).

Bottom line: It seems you fond something in a free model which was subpar and which you disliked.
Instead of giving advice on how to fix it you chose to insult the maker and to ba e total dick.
Insofar, I is to be agreed with MistigrisMakes' assumption that you are but a sad and mean little man, trolling and thinking he can request shit, which is important enough for others that he has to "cancel" said requests.

This being said... What Country where you comming from again?

you advise me that I should write what could be improved and that I should prepare a list of things that I cannot check without printing them first. it seems that the list will be very long. I don't have the original files so I can't take each file apart and edit it if it is possible. I only use SketchUp to edit and create files. after importing into SketchUp, models made in this way just fall apart and I usually have to make extra parts myself. the only option would be to use a meshmixer that I don't know and as a rule, in this program, I have unexpected surprises which are very frustrating

If I were to explain my vocabulary by writing "rubbish" I meant a huge amount of left geometry in the middle of each model would have to be spent long hours to remove it. not like in my models and that's why I expect money for it

go home goo your drunk.

And by the way, I have to tell you that your milking technique for each new member/person who makes you extra free parts that you can use without assembling the whole model at all is pathetic. you try to slander anyone who says anything negative or finds flaws in the model just to be able to use the source until it is dry. making sure that God forbid nobody says anything discouraging the author of the model from further work. I'm just wondering if there is a deeper purpose in it. or you just count on someone remixing this model for you.
apparently it doesn't matter if the model is printable or impossible to assemble completely. It is important that there will be some idiot who will make models for you that can be used as elements of the scenery or something like that. if there is any other reason I will read it gladly.

Funny coming from the guy hiding his full models behind a weird tip wall. How is that going for you by the way? Can't wait to see you do better.

Comments deleted.

Nice ! you want to proxy a cerastus ?

Ya, Its a Proxy for the cerastus knights. Working on custom Custodes version just for show, and I'm almost done the Lancer parts

Great work so far! I'm watching with great interest (I might be building custodes themed knights myself!)