Replicator Ducted Fans Clip-on to (a) cool Print

by funbart Jan 6, 2013
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This looks great, has anyone made a working fitment for the 2X?

Awesome design and great idea. Unfortunately this doesn't work on the 2X. The exhaust port needs to be lowered. When I have time I'll try to redesign this to fit the 2X.

if it's possible to provide the changes in height, I can change it if you want.

I took a bunch of measurements. You can find them along with a bunch of photos in this pdf:


let me know if you require anymore information and if you need me to print off some prototypes :)


Sure, that would be awesome. I'll measure everything up and send you a drawing in the next few days.


I've been using your original design with good success with PLA. One modification - I used metal tape to extend the vent to a funnel that aims straight at the tip of the extruder. The opening is smaller, but it blows quite strongly, and temperature on the extruder seems OK.

I've accidentally left it on for a few ABS prints, and surprisingly (to me) the prints came out fine. I'm wondering if that's because the air is heated so it doesn't cool ABS down enough to cause it to shrink and warp, but it does cool PLA down enough to solidify?

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I found the same with ABS. Probably ABS is warping because of tension of temperature differences. Maybe with direct cooling there is less tension because of less temp-differences at the printed part. (I print ABS also with hairspray and 80 degrees HPB).
Please post a pic of the funnel. Maybe nice to add it.