Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Lens cap for dSLR - Full Modular System - Nikon Pentax

by M600 Jul 24, 2014
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I have a Cocoon Create printer (wanhao i3) . for a perfect fit I printed at 97% for the Nikon cap. Awesome Thanks!

anyone print this in PLA? I reduced mine to the 98.5% in Cura but it is still loose and it will only fit on the lens one way.
I am new to 3D printing so any help would be appreciated.
I love the concept to have the lens type on the cap.

Hello, thanks, the idea is incredible.
I have tried to print it in pla and the inner lens cap for Nikon seems to be to lose while attached to the camera... Is ther a trick how to fix this?

Maybe try with a slightly lower size percentage? rickhault said he had to print at 98.5% in ABS for a correct fit.

Thank you, I will in a few days with printing at a different scale, I will also use a caliper to make some measurements before printing... something that was indicated last time :)).

Hi M600
First thing...Super thanks for this, its awesome. much appreciated.

I also cant seem to find the canon mount part....am I missing something...?

I see the Pentax and Nikon ones, but no canon...



As previously said in the comment, I don't own a Canon to test fit the adapter. The original source file is available if you feel you can do it (and I'm sure you can).

One version have been made and transfered to someone that had an EF lens but I never ear from him so I never released it.
I'll modify the thing description to avoid any confusion now.

I'm sorry for the misinformations on the thing.

Best regards.

Comments deleted.

I assume these are all for Canon unless otherwise stated in the filename? Great resource by the way. Thank you.

The lenscap for Nikon seem's to be too lose while attached to the camera...

M600 - Nice job! Are you able to provide a few additional lens sizes, or post the editable file(s)?

I printed the NIkon cap; had to scale it to 98.5% in Makerware for proper fit (ABS). I also wiped it down with Acetone to strengthen the layers a bit.


Unfortunately, I currently don't have time to update and repair scaling error nor create new core version.
I added the original Sketchup scratch file I made for them so you can modify it as you like.

The Solidworks version wasn't even made yet!

While I was looking for a Canon mount size, I discovered that it's larger than any other brand so in order to make an universal system, the overall size of every part must be enlarged quite a bit imo.

Great job m600 !

I had to scale the Nikon cap down by 0.5mm but that's probably due to my printer.

What's the matter? I printed cal and it did not hold the lens. Cap too big.

Nice idea!
I can't seem to find the canon lens cap part (the base). Can you help me find it?

Hello M600,
I am new to 3D printing and only use the printer at my library. So I don't have any design software. You put in a lot of work on this project. I am wondering if I could ask for a favor.
What I would like is to reverse a lens on my Nikon. There is a reversing ring (Thing 411379) available, but that means the end of the lens that is normally protected inside the body of a camera winds up floating around open to any random thing hitting it. Particularly if I an doing closeups!
So, is it possible for you to create a piece that would go on the exposed bottom of the lens with a Nikon lens cap mount that would take a filter on the other end and enough space between the two mounts that the lens glass is not touched when the filter is put on? Then I could put a skylight or other filter on the bottom of the lens and protect it from scratches.
I have never found an item like this at any photo store. It would be a very useful item for me and no doubt for many people.
If you could do this, I would be grateful. If not, life is busy and I fully understand.

Here, take a look at that: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:659846

Have a good day!

Reverse lens filter holder for ultra macro - Nikon mount
by M600

Wonderful! I did not find that when I was looking. Thank you for your help!

Cause i just created it ;)

Hello M600,
nice work, the covers print out very well.
Is ist possible for you to design a Canon EF lenscap?,


Hello pifo,

I don't own or know anyone around me that have a Canon EF system and I have been unable to find the sizing of this mount therefore I can't provide the proper insert for them for now =/

I'd be happy to provide some measurements if you let me know what you need...
Also this site has more info: http://www.eflens.com/lens_articles/ef_lens_mount.html including a link to this DWF file if that's any use?

Or perhaps a remix of this item would be easier :) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:74217

I'd love to see this insert, let me know if there's something I can do to help?

Canon EF Extension Tube v1 - 50mm

Hello mahood73,

The two link you give is perfect! Especially the dwf (if in correct size). I'll take a look at it.

Thank you!