Mini Modular Framing System - Corner Block and Rail

by idea_beans Jan 7, 2013
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If you print these items in the orientation shown (45 degrees) with support selected, the post printing clean-up is much easier, and the 100mm straight is printed in less than 1 hour, in the upright orientation it takes over 2 hours. As you can see the support printed is only 2 layers deep, and also acts as a brim, helping to keep the part stuck to the bed.

The only problem I can see is ensuring that the straight stays stuck to the bed (doesn't warp), which can be helped by increasing the bed temp about 10 degrees above normal.

Earlier today I printed a 230mm long straight (sorry no picture, yet!), using the "scale to size" option in Slic3r Prusa Edition. It took just under 2 hours to print. The longest straight you could print on the Prusa Mk3 in upright orientation is 210mm, and would take about 4 hrs 45mins.

What thickness of plexiglass can be used for this?

The gap is 4mm. I am using 3mm plexiglass with Silicon sealant.

I love this idea, but I needed it to fit my size of acrylic sheets for a light box. I recreated it in OpenSCAD and posted it up for use in the Customizer. I noted your original measurements in the comments for each parameter. Thank you so much for your work on this!

Do you print with supports? then you remove them? or how do you achieve the part, printing it on the corner?

Hi I did print with supports, exactly the same orientation as seen in the model preview. The only supports I had to remove is from the bottom later. The rest was printed upright. Thanks for the remix though. Good thinking :)

Quite often I feel bad when I make remixes, seems like I am ripping off the model, I just had the same problem as you, trying to make no gap between the printed pieces, I have some sort of idea to solve this, but I am not sure how fancy would look. I hope you are glad to make this Internet co-operation.

There is some time when I realised how difficult was to print some pieces, then... making diagonal print it solves much problems, but the result is... this does not look fancy, it needs some post-processing by sanding and gluing or whatever. I mean, your corners look the best.

If you have a group or if you continue this project I would like to contribute, you saved me a lot of time with this model.

I haven't tried GRASP yet, but looking at the manual it seemed to me you can only scan one side of the object. You don't get the 360 degree scan of the object. The Triangle scanner kit has a small turntable, a laser and a web cam. Will download GRASP and give it a go as well. Thanks


I'll try the other one from this web page "GRASP"

Any feedback?


I'll make one adapted to other table width

wich scanner are u using?