da Vinci Style Catapult

by wakalics Jul 25, 2014
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The Spoon doesn't fit in the drum it's too thick. Had to sand it down a bit.

Do you have a thing file for the rod?

i used a pc duster straw (like a cofee stir stick straw)

No, printed rod is too weak to bear the elastic force of bow.
I used a steel rod of 3mm diameter.

I'm using a MakerBot Replicator 2 to print this. Neither of the spoon designs will print properly. The raft is a mess. Any improved files?

Did you flipped the spoon? The concave face of the spoon must face the bed of printer.

Thanks for the tip. I flipped the spoon and it still doesn't print correctly.

How long should the string be?

It depends on the times you wind the string to the drum.
Just make it tensioned.

I need the spoon cut in half

I just made a shorter version of spoon.stl, spoon_short.stl.
I hope this could help you.

Since I'm away from my laptop, it's hard to modify the spoon now.
I'll make half length spoon next week.

Can you print this with a Velleman printer K8200?
I think there is no problem. But I can't slice the spring, can someone help me?

I used Cura 14.07 as slicer. How about using it?
The fundamental slicer of K8200 is Slic3r which has a same g-code flavor with Cura.

I use Repetier Host V0.84, Slic3r but I can't slice the full piece... it's weird. Is Cura 14.07 free to download? Or you got an idea to slove my problem?

Cura is an open-source software from ultimaker.
I don't know what is the problem since I didn't used Slic3r for this yet, but Cura works great.
You can download and install the software from the upper link.

I will try, hopefully it works better :)

I'm printing this tonight

What printer did you use and did you finish it?

Printrbot Metal Simple