"HexiBox" Tang Band W3-2141 Bookshelf Speaker

by HexiBase Dec 29, 2019
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If your printer can handle 65-70* over hang angle you could print the accent piece with a brim line count of 35, 4 perimeters, zero infill and no supports.

Well, I have them built! I haven't attached the accent panels yet, but when I do I'll post pics. I replaced the front speakers in my "basic" surround system with these, and they WORK. I do have a decent sized center and a powered sub, so the frequencies that this can't make aren't missed :D SUPER happy with this! now, I have the subwoofer on order, the problem is I can't print it on the Longer LK4 Pro - may look into shrinking it to fit but making it "taller" to keep the same interior volume - not sure of the math on that, guess I'll have to learn.

Is there any chance you could cut these models down into 4 sections instead of 2? Have an SLA resin printer I would love to try it on.

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I’m working on my last half (I’m printing slowly so I have at least another day to go). The two mating halves I have printed though don’t line up perfectly. The tongue and groove do mate but slight warping in the print leaves a bit of gap around the edges. I’m hoping that with adhesive and clamping pressure I will get them to match better. Is JB Weld still the recommended adhesive or is there anything else I should consider instead?

Thanks again, can’t wait to finish these.

Great design. Thank you.
Is it very stupid idea to print it using hard TPU filament?
You know everything about enclosure design, what would happen if speaker case will be a little bit flex.

Thanks so much for this!I managed to use your affiliate links for the printer (I got the LK4 Pro), the speakers, the posts, etc. I'm partway through printing the first half of the first speaker enclosure, and I'm seeing vertical lines where the triangle are - I don't see that in yours. I sliced this with Cura, and I do not know what setting corresponds to "4 perimeters," as I don't know the lingo yet. I am curious if what I am seeing is related to missing that section, or to my setup. I also could not figure out how to set the initial height to 0.3mm per your video. If there is a better software out there, I'm open to suggestion, in the meantime, I'm looking around online for Cura primer. Here is a link to a picture of my print so far: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SpA47qoa8z9K16Yw7 - if you have any suggestions on how to lose the vertical banding, I'm all ears :) Thanks a ton for this project, I am super motivated to learn more about 3D printing and audio engineering :)

wow, this looks great, I would LOVE to see what you can do with smaller builds, keen to see what you can do with 1" and 2" drivers!! all the best! K

I'm going to try this with one of these drivers:


Will just scale the model down to 34% and give it a shot with some extra strong engineering resin on my sla printer.

Great Work! Is it possible to engineer a Speaker for the 400x400 3D Printer?

I think this is a piece for a 400x400 printer. You could print all the parts for a stereo pair in one go!

Awesome, once again!
I’m curious, do you see any potential in complex printed structures like this inside a printed enclosure:

Wonderful project again, Still working on the subwoofer (out of stock ;) ), did you use the same print settings as the sub to print these ?

Yep. 0.2mm layer height, 20% rectilinear infill, and 4 perimeters should do just fine.

I'm using Cura, would that be lines infill or should I use something else? Any suggestions for top and bottom layers? With a .2mm layer height it will do .8mm top and bottom but I figure maybe I should bump it to 8 layers to match the 4 x .4mm perimeters.

I'm still fairly new to 3d printing so I hope these aren't stupid questions. Thanks for your design, can't wait to give it a try.

Looks absolutely epic! With this enclosure, where would you typically cross these over at?


Around 60Hz if you're using them by themselves, or around 65Hz if you're using them in conjunction with my 3" subwoofer project in a 2.1 configuration.