Eyeglass Temples

by colorbroken Sep 12, 2010
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Nice. You did the temple. Should do the eyepieces too. Then you can be ubber cool steam punkeroo.

I've been using these for about 24 hours now, and they're actually not bad, but they want to slip, and as an eye-glass wearer for 17 years, it's a little weird to have THE temples actually touch MY temples... most eyeglasses bend outwards a little as not to apply pressure to the temple area. I might try bending them out a little more at an angle, but since the hinges aren't spring-loaded, there's no squeezing so far. There needs to be a little more done to the hinges themselves, but because I drilled the holes after printing, they'd be inconsistent. I may try to re-measure the ends and set up pilot points for drilling, or I may have to come up with something other than paperclips to retain them :-P Keep you posted, and I'll update the instructions shortly!

I've though about this before, but I knew the bend would be a problem. Never thought about printing in two pieces, was that just to fit a makerbot platform?

If you modeled the part where they join at an angle, you might be able to get a passable bend to take the pressure off your temples, but you'd have to do it carefully to avoid ending up with something sharp sticking out.

The bend kind of is a problem, but it's all about measurement, just like when you go to the opticians. I def had to heat up them up around where the curve for the ears starts, and bent them to shape so they wrap around the back of my head.

After wearing these for about 6 weeks, we found my proper eyeglasses hanging on a peg in my friends house. What I noticed in wearing the new (lost) pair again is that I really liked the FEEL of the Makerbotted temples! Something about the weight, or the curve/bend, or... I don't know what, but I
kinda miss them now. I will complete a design for the frame sometime soon, and then we can have properly botted gogs.

I think it's a great idea. Can u make an entire pair of 3d glasses?
Do you think they can be marketed commercially?

Am I right that everyone (including me) who has clicked like wears glasses? 8-)

I would say yeah... and yes it would be awesome to just print my next pair. Plus I can design around lenses I already have (currently within frames that don't fit.). Hmmm.. a pair of sunglasses, too...

Discerning prototypers, all. Buying new eyeglasses is a pain in the butt, expensive, and flat-out obnoxious, especially when you assume certain things should be fixable.