Shower Head MK1

by Mr_MegaTronic Jan 9, 2013
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Printed this, sliced with Simplify3D, exported gcode to memory card, printed.

it LOOKS flawless, feels flawless. the holes are perfect, etc
i took the rubber ring off my old leaky head, placed it in this one, IT FIT.
screwed it in, turned on the shower.

the water flowed out the holes perfectly BUT it also seemed to be spraying out of the sides
where INVISIBLE holes existed!!! (not from the screw area at all, just from the sides where it looks solid)


printed with [email protected]*C
60% inflill (maybe this isnt enough?)
print quality fast (0.40mm layer depth?) - i used fast, for the thicker layers, hoped this would make it stronger.

any advice?


Fixed it with a lighter, just held a flame around the sides a bit.
seems there were micro-holes, maybe i should have printed a little hotter.
also just widened all the holes a bit with a screw (screwed it in, and back out)

This shower head is better then all the $30 ones you can buy - print this if you need a shower head
ive tried 2 others on here, this one is the better of the 3. (of course, this is a personal thing)

I also have this spraying out of invisible holes
I printed in 100% infill, I figured that would have taken care of the problem but it is still there

yea, if you do the fire route like i did just do it outside, and go slow. itll fix it, but its going to take awhile.

another option is smoothing if you print in ABS with acetone, should seal the holes.

also, just less water pressure.

i went with option A in hatchbox pla.
oh and remember to widen the water jets, that made a huge difference.

Ive since bought a rotating massager head so i dont have it any more; and cant show it ;(

Congrats! I thought you model was one of the best choices for a 3D Printed Christmas gift! I made a link from here: http://3dprintingninja.blogspot.com/2014/12/top-20-free-3d-printed-christmas-gifts.html

How well does this work if you have low water pressure?

Thank you for sharing such a useful thing. Do you have any plans to create angle-adjustable shower head? Thanks!!

Love what you did! You inspired me to make one of my own in OpenSCAD for the MakerBot Customizer App. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:47541http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Shower Head (Customizeable)

You, sir, are very talented!

If you heat the tip of your pin or needle it will be easy to open the holes.

BTW if you still have the one with more holes could you put it back up?

Seconding this request for the original file. I'm looking for something with really small holes, don't care if I have to open them with a hot pin.

this is awesome! just a minor point... more of an FYI shower heads thread onto a 1/2" pipe... 1/2" pipe threads are over 3/4" on their outside diameter... but they still call it 1/2" pipe. Pipe threads are also tapered starting at a diameter of 0.75843 at the end and going all the way to the outside diameter of the pipe which is 0.840


I do have a taper on the threads, but thanks so much for the info! I'm not savvy to plumbing more than fixture installation so I appreciate the correction! I'll update the description so those that know what they are doing won't be confused! Thanks again!

Do you know anyone that specializes in 3D printed plumbing projects? I have a shower project in mind that involves incorporating off the shelf plumbing valves and tubing with 3D printed parts. What you've done here is very impressive, and seems like a good starting point.

now do a adjustable shower head with three or more rainfunctions

Why not make it gold plated while you're at it?

rolls eyes

Considering this is the first "rain" style showerhead on thingiverse, it's full of plain awesome.

.. you dont understand funny sarcasm dont you

Double negative