FlashForge Creator PRO Filament tube holder

by Paul4x4Design Jul 28, 2014
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Im new to this, so I was wondering how do I find out if I have a pre-2016 model or not? Thanks! Will print tonight if possible :)

Guide works like a charm on my Powerspec 3d Pro 2 printer. I did have to be careful with the bracket clips on the back guide to avoid breaking them off. Thank you!

If you want one that doesn't have any one else logo and fits the 2016 model
Check out www.thingiverse.com/thing:2353402

Creator Pro Filament Tube Alignment Mod

FYI. Doesn't fit the flashforge creator pro 2016. I'm a newbie, and didn't know before I printed. Came out great though, nice design lol

I also got fooled when I printed this.
I redesigned it for the 2016 model.
Check out www.thingiverse.com/thing:1725645

Flashforge Creator Pro 2016 Filament Holder Upgrade
by BJDizza

Thanks for the heads up! I added this info in the summary. :)

Another perfect print for me. Thanks for sharing the great design!

Thank you, it works perfectly,

This is my second print ever. (never seen a 3D printer first-hand, either), the first, the "traffic cone" about an hour ago. As I'm watching this being printed, my mind is totally blown away with the concept of machines making their own upgrades. Combined with AI - we're screwed.

Anyway, the print is going nicely. I always wondered about how suspended objects were printed.

For those curious, the plastic filament wants to keep it's coiled shaped. Thus, when slack occurs, it tends to make larger coils. Then when the filament tube causes it to pull sideways, off the roll, and tightening the coil again, until it wraps around the spindle. This keeps the tension in the center of the spool.

Works great with the Monoprice Architect Printer (Makerbot Clone)
Thanks for sharing the file.

Thanks! I drilled the holes out with a 1/4" bit (6.35mm), and it works perfect. The tubes fit a little bit loose when I first inserted them, but the tension in the tube bend makes the fit rock solid. Try glow in the dark green, cause it looks awesome on the FF.

Well, I broke my mounting clip when I tried to force the tubing into the too small hole while it was mounted...

Very nice part, thank you:) The holes were slightly tight for my FFCP delivered 4/15 (used a flat screwdriver to scrape a bit of the inner surface out). Love the fillet feature you used...would prefer the bottom one to have one too (would allow for much less support and add to the part strength).

I love this part! Thank you so much for taking the time to design it and for sharing it with all!!

Great work.

Today I learned the value of READING INSTRUCTIONS!

Printed this once and it was too big all around. Didn't fit into the clips, spread between the holes was too large. I'm new enough that I immediately assumed I did the wrong thing and and I was right about that. Readthe instructions, printing it out now and I measured it while in progress (so I can only verify the spread between the holes and the hole diameters) and everything is spot on. Nice!

This should be everyone's first build!

c'mon. my second - first had to be a test shape supplied by vendor (ie: traffic cone, from FlashForge SD card).,

Thank you. One of the first things I made for my printer after I got it.

Great stuff. I wish I had found this earlier. It would have saved me several failed prints and much frustration!

The overhangs were a little tricky, but this is a great design

I made one...thank you so much for sharing this part! My printer works much better now!

Would this fit the FF Creator Pro? If not, any idea what I need to modify to make it fit. New to 3d printing.

Of course it fits, I designed it for the FFCP! Just measure your filament tubes first, to see which version is better for your machine. I've heard the tubes can measure anything between 6mm and 6.3. The first version is with 6.1mm holes and the second one is with 6.2mm. I might make a third one with 6.3mm holes too when I have time.

Nice clean design. I like the centered pull on the spool, and the clever re-use of existing hardware.

What a great idea! I just had my first show stopping tangled up mess today. This one goes on my to do list! Thank you for sharing.

Don't work for Makerbot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer. Different grab behind the printer.


Comments deleted.

Just printed an installed this tonite after getting my first tangled/jammed spool. FF is relatively new and I did need to widen the guide holes. Mine measure 6.33mm.

My tube diameters range from 5.95mm to 6.05mm, so it seems like FF is using slightly different sizes of tube on these machines. I might add a third version of the tube holder with 6.3mm holes.

my tubes are 6.3 ish also, had to widen holes, nice addition to my printer. TY

Thanks for this design! I had my PLA jump the spool and get caught around the sprocket which led to the mother of all clogs in the extruder. I am printing your design as we speak.

Thanks again.

Thank you for making this! I love it so much on my printer!!!!!

Printed well. Tube holes were a little tight. I had to wear gloves to get a decent grip on the tubes to get them through the holes.

Also, the bottom part of the clip cylinder snapped right off. I printed @ 15% infill. I'd probably recommend bringing that up a little... I can't get my tubes out or I'd reprint it myself. It works just fine with 3 clips though.

Well, who wouldn't prefer tight holes? ;)

Yeah, you should consider even 100% infill for parts like this. Something like 30-50% should be pretty decent, but in that case some extra perimeters might be a good idea, maybe 3 or 4. Did you print the original or the V2?

I couldn't get the tubes in the original so I tried the V2. It was still too tight. I'm wondering if they are using different tubes in newer models? I just got mine last week.

What's funny (well not really) the cylinders in the design actually ruined my printer. This was the last thing I printed before my X-axis belt became loose. It turned out the X-axis motor mounts weren't tightened in the factory so I had to pull of the case and tighten them. It's now printing better than before as it's really tight! It also seems like my gantry isn't aligned.. that's the next project. These issues could also have caused the tightness in the print.

Once I fix the gantry, I'll print this out again and let you know if I still have fit issues.

Great design. This was my third print on my new printer. Thanks for posting it.

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. :)

Hi I am still new to this, great file, what would be the correct orientation for printing this object? and would I need supports? Thank you

Awesome! This is one of the best 3d printed updates you can do on your FlashForge! No more tangling and and broken filaments!
Also, if you use bigger spools (MakerBot), you might notice one spool grabbing on the other. This is not happening anymore.
I have encounter issue while printing this using MakerWare Desktop, where slicer didn't properly filled one of the layers causing entire adapter snapping in the middle. I just turned the item couple degrees on the HBP and it fixed the problem.

hi! can you make a tube holder for single extruder.

I printed this successfully on my FlashForge Pro, but the holes for the filament guides were way too small. Tried drilling them out, but destroyed the item in the process. Not sure if the guides on the FF Pro are bigger than other models, or if my RepG settings were sub-optimal, or if I did something else wrong. Anyway, the print itself worked fine using a raft and exterior support.

Oh, that's weird, sorry to hear that... I intentionally designed the holes to be very tight, and I only needed to use a 6mm drill bit to clean the holes a little from any minor print debris, and the tubes went in nice and tight, just the way I wanted. And I have the FF Pro too. I used Simplify3D and ABS with .2 layer.

Hey Paul! I have the same issue too, it seems like the holes for the fillament guide is too small? Is there a way to solve this without drilling the part out?

The holes are designed to be tight, and if your printer isn't calibrated for accuracy, they might be even too tight. But you shouldn't have to drill the holes out per se, just turning a 6mm drill bit in the holes with your fingers a few times should do the trick, to remove all the tiny blobs of plastic, that's all. So for me, the part came out exactly the way I wanted, no problems.

But I can make a version with slightly bigger holes and upload that too. :)

EDIT: There's now a version two with .1mm bigger and smoother holes.

I guess I need to try to figure out how to use Blender to create my own or something to get this to fit my tubes. I am using PLA and even drilling out they are too small. Great design but unfortunately I am unable to use even V2. My tubes must be bigger for my clone (PowerSpec 3Dx).

How the heck should we print this thing? I'm assuming full supports are certainly required, but what is the best orientation for printing?

I printed it oriented as it's installed, upside up with a raft, to get the round parts good and round and naturally with supports. Might wanna put some good infill and extra perimeters in too or those round parts might turn out too weak. Or print about 17mm of the bottom and the top solid to prevent those round parts snapping off. Can't go cheap on the filament when printing parts like this if you want them to last. :)

Of cousr, within 24-Hours of removing those clips to allow room for another filament guide....

Very nice design, can't wait to print it.