Raspberry Pi 3, 2 or B+ Case

by Normand Jul 28, 2014
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By far my favorite raspberry pi case... let me know if you make a Pi 4 version of this case.

This print turned out great! It fits my Rasp Pi 3 as good as the cases I've bought online in the past. I used #2 x 1/2 inch screws I found at Lowes and they fit the screw hole perfectly and didn't require any boring out.

Nice print. Thanks for the comment.

Wow!! Amazed how snug it fits! Great work!

If you live in the US and are finding it difficult to find the metric M2 screws you can get a standard equivalent #4 screws 5/8" inch. They fit the board perfectly but the case will be insanely tight so I bored it out with a drill bit. This case fits better and aesthetically looks better than the sleeves. Nice job on the model Normand.

Thanks for the tips rubbermallet

This is the mos accurate 3d model i've ever printed :D good one sir!

Thanks governor

Very nice - came out perfect on my Original Prusa i3 mk2 (quite a snug fit getting the Pi 3 board in, but it did go properly after a little fiddling) and the m2x12 hex socket-head bolts I had on hand worked perfectly. In the early days of the Pi I paid good money for a case far worse than this. Thank you for sharing your work!

Snug fit but everything worked nicely except my LEDś are on the other side of the SD. I drilled holes there and all works perfectly.

Thanks for a nice case

Perfect fi!, printed on Ultimaker3 with PLA

hey, I printed your model and wrote about it at my blog:

Nice! I read the translation, it's good.

Love the design. The easy access to the USB in particular is awesome. Very stylish case.

That being said:
The fit is a little tight. I had to remove the braces in the lower case to fit the pi.
The leg on the upper case hits something near the GPIO, and keeps it from closing completely.
When I finally closed the case, the leg near the power connector crushed a component. The pi still boots, but no longer powers the USB ports. That one is on me for forcing it.

Precise printer required.

Please note! This does not fit the RPi3. There is a gap between the two pieces. Check out my make in the "I made one" section.

Look at the other pictures of "I made one", they worked fine.

I messed up LOL. I thought that was by your design. Woops!

It worked fine for me with raspberry pi 3. See my make photos. Looks like your corners may have curled up off the bed - this could alter the dimensions and cause the Pi not to fit.

I messed up LOL. I thought that was by your design. Woops!

I think the nuts need to be a little longer. I would recommend m2x15.

Comments deleted.

Can you make a v2 case which is fully enclosed (no openings) or has discreet ventilation? It would be useful for mediacenter usage where LCD, camera nor GPIO are used.

There is the top no logo with minimum opening if you want.

That one has one hole for webcam on the left, one hole for the LCD in the back, and four holes for the GPIO on the right. I would prefer a solid top (matching the solid bottom) or hidden ventilation. Alternatively if you can post the design files, I can post a remix with the holes removed.

You can use a software like openscad or tinkercad to modify stl.

Hi, I uploaded a new version to fix the clearance issue. Check for V2 in the files.
However it worked well for me the first time so I left the original files.

Have fun

Looks really good. I am having one slight problem tho. I need slightly more clearance under the Ethernet and USB ports. The bottom of the case is being deflected downward slightly as it is hitting the solder joints for those ports.

I agree. Having the same problem. Rest fits nicely

Made one. Fits perfect! One problem: the power connector does not go in all the way, so it's falls out easy.