by Webca Sep 17, 2010
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how did you figure out what the correct 'scale' figures were in the machines.xml? '

I mounted a black marker to the carriage and had it draw on paper. In ReplicatorG i had it move 50mm in X and Y directions, i then measured the result and either increased or decreased the numbers in machine.xml until i got a matching result between repG and on paper:)

That is a massive build envelope. Have you tried printing something that big yet?

No, i have not been able to as it would take huge amount of plastic and time to finish something that big.

The main reason for it to be this big is that i want to try using as a cnc mill later on;)

Hmm, why not something large but primarily hollow? Something that would be multiple shell peices on any other bot?

I am currently doing a rebuild of the machine, so it is not in a operative state at this time:(

You know it's a genetic machine when it has mutant kids. Nice work, dude. What's the process for wet sanding? Is it like...you just wash the sand paper then sand with it? I can only get about 150 C from my rapman, so I'll taketricks and tips where I can get it.

I think you have misunderstood how i use the wet sanding sheet. I use it to print on instead of kapton tape. The rough surface just grips the ABS plastic so that it doesnt warp at all, even though my surface heating element only get up to 80
°C. (it should be 120°C).

I guess you are talking about your nozzle not getting over 150°C, and that is another problem all together.

Wet sanding sheet is a specialized type of sanding sheet used to get a nice finish i guess.
There is no water used on the wet sanding sheet on the MakeRap.

And there's the catch. I don't know how hot it's getting, I have a potentiometer in place of a thermistor. I just let it heat up until plastic comes out of the nozzle, then turn the pot until it starts printing.

Dont you have electronics to read a thermistor? This setup sounds like something you would do if you dont have a thermistor available at the moment, but need to keep the machine running.

This seems like a cumbersome way to run your 3d printer;)

If you are happy with it, then more power to ya :)

Love your use of the double sided steppers, don't know why we never thought of that one before :)

Somewhere between this, the Prusa, and the Huxley, there is a 10 hour Carteisan bot waiting to get out.

That would be cool:)

Haha, wow. Unity between the makerbot and mendel owners!

...Like they're not often the same people. With some combined prints this could probably print off another printer in a handful of prints X3

Heh.. Few days ago, I thought to my self that Webca has been silent for a while now and something big must be on our way.. and now this.. nicely done! :D

He he, thanks;)

so this is like an extra large mendel running off makerbot electronics? is the accuracy of the ballchains ok? would belts be better/give better resolution?

well done another incredible project.

Its a little more to it than just that, you see the carriage parts for X and Y stages on the Mendel is a lot more complicated than the makerbot.

On the MakeRap the carriage interacts with the sliding rods the same way the Makerbot do, just plastic on metal. The Mendel uses a lot of bearings.

The resolution is pretty much the same if you get the ball chain tight enough without breaking;)

I am a huge fan, especially for the manual cutoff switch you added to the extruder motor.

I need to go mount one of those now.

Thanks, i love my cutoff switch;)

Webca, you rock. We were planning on building one of these with our Makerbot. Now you've done the design for us! Thank you!

No problem, just happy that my designs get put to good use;)

If you need any help during your build-process, dont hesitate to write me a line:)

Wow, awesome! RepRap continues to grow and mutate!