Destiny Ghost

by Senpai, published

Destiny Ghost by Senpai Aug 3, 2014



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There are three types of files you can download depending on your preferred way to build this model.
-The first is: NO-E files. recognized by the "NO-E" at the end of the file, NO-E files are files designed specifically for a basic model with no electronics(hence the name: NO-E). This will be good for anyone that may have doubt in their soldering/electrical skills or just someone who doesn't want a Ghost that lights up.
-The second type is: E files. signified by the "E" at the end of the files name, E files are designed to add electronics into your model. such things as LED's, speakers, and/or microphones (or anything else really) along with knowledge of soldering and electricity will be needed to finish this model. This is good for the more advanced builders out there that want their ghost to light up or say things.
-the third type of file has no ending to it and these files can be used for both of the builds.
So What Do I Download?
download whichever set of files seem to interest you the most. However, for ANY build you will need to download all general files ALONG with your set of preferenced files so that your builds are complete.

Special Edition (red & white ghost)- you will need a back and a front

Regular (white ghost)- you will need two backs



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seems like a lot of people on here post things that are the wrong size, i printed this thing out and it took some measuring and trial and error printing but finally figured it out, the front of the ghost the "E" version is 4mm too big and the back is 6mm too small, also the ghost shell is 2mm too big its 76mm and it should be 74mm if you adjust you should be good but getting tired of wasting material cause people cant upload the correct measurements

Hey Guru,

What did you set everything to in CURA to get it to print so it fitted? I noticed that when I went for the 75% that the front back elements do not match at all.


I printed it how the file downloaded as it is no adjustments i assume if people are posting it, its cause it was designed and printed and made sure its right

Okay, was just going on your comment about elements not being right and didn't want to hit print if I could save some Filament where elements were wrong.

If you adjust the back upscaled it by six Mm and the front E version upscaled if im not mistakened by four, then the eye dome peices should fit inside perfect youll still need to sand the edges to get the tabs to fit right also the eye needed to go up to 73.5 mm but shouldnt have any issues after that

If I print the E version(the one made for electronics), would it be less strong because it is hallow? What are the differences strength wise?

no its just as strong

Where Are The Instructions? Im Confused How to Buld This

i feel you on the instructions, the back is the same no matter what version you print, the "E" version is if you want to add lights, print the version you want adjust the measurements i posted above and you should be good

This Ghost Is Super Lit I Really want one

i have a printing service if you want one?

hey Senpai, i was wondering if you could make an alternate ghost eye i would love to see one of the dead orbit logo because im making a dead orbit ghost with decals, logo, name ext and would love the eye to illuminate the logo. It'd be much appreciated!

I am sorry to say that i have lost these files and can no longer modify them. I am very sorry.
Thank you for your request though!

PLEASE make a fully assembled version

Comments deleted.

There is an E file with the tabs on the wings if that is what you are asking

sorry, is there one of those files sized to the small ghost? i am using a mod-t and it is hard to resize files with the native software. Thanks!

Actually, they are all the same size. Well at least I would hope. And if you have trouble resizing them, there a few good printing softwares that you may be able to use with your printer

When I tried to print this, all of the pieces worked except for the back piece. I ended up making 2 front pieces and that worked fine.

How large is the final product?

thats up to your choice and resolution, plus your printer size

I just got into 3d printing specifically to make destiny stuff for myself. I have the M3D micro 3d printer. It's nice, but I'm still learning and while trying to print one of the shell pieces was a disaster. I put It on the highest quality setting (50 microns) and told it to us the most fill and support material. when I checked back a few hours later it looked like a nest of crusty spiderwebs and was falling apart. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

It sounds like your print came off the bed during the print. A way you can solve this is by putting stick glue on the bed if it's glass or blue painters tape if the bed is any other material. Also I would not recommend to use those settings. Printing at 200-300 microns is completely fine. Also infill is perfectly fine at 15-25%. Also, since you are having problems with it sticking to the bed and to layers, use a brim in your software and maybe increase the nozzle temp just a bit. I hope this helps

Is the inside of this hollow, because I'm using the schools 3d printer, and we don't have a lot of ink.

I am currently in the process of REMIXING this object. I have radically redesigned the inner eye pieces from the ground up to accommodate a cheap switch, 4 LEDs, 2 resistors, and a common 9V battery. The housings and tolerances are tight and took many hours of engineering to get right. I will publish my results here when complete along with a full build log. Please message me if you are interested in this information before I post it live / remix the current model.

Thanks to Sen for their initial work! Just needed to be finished up....

I will also include autodesk inventor and IGES files for anyone to further reinvent the interior shell! It includes useful pass-throughs for the LED wiring and much more!

That sounds amazing! I would love to see how it turns out! Good luck with everything and keep me updated please!

Hey, I printed the E version but know I'm stuck at what to use for LED's, power and switches.

Any help on the mater?

Would it be possible to get Sketchup compatible files? There are a lot of tweaks I would like to make so I could incorporate a Bluetooth speaker into the body.

This is Epic. I love it, once I printed it, it turned into an epic puzzle.

For the "Ghost shell front E" STL file, How can you print it without support material? Regardless of orientation it won't print properly (the rest of the parts did). I have a Solidoodle 2, not the latest model, but good enough. Given the shape I don't see how any printer without support material could print this.

Do you have the drawing file so I can modify it?

Your printer doesn't do supports?

hello Bp100a,
I have not been near a computer for the last week so I am sorry for the late response. As with many others, this part was meant to be printed with support and would be removed by a small knife or a toothpick from either side. However, if you are still having trouble with this file, i would be glad to help.

Comments deleted.

i have printed out the e version eye and ghost front e
the eye dosent seem to fit inside the frount of the ghost.
Are they suppost to be printed at a certain scale?

Thank you for commenting,

You actually need the shell piece to go in between the front and eye


I am also having issues with the fit. I printed the three pieces that comprise the "eye" (Ghost_eye_E.stl, ghost_shell_back_E.stl and ghost_shell_front_e.stl). Then I printed the body of the ghost (ghost_front_e.stl & ghost_back.stl). The "eye" pieces when assembled don't fit into the shell pieces, there's a gap between the two shells, about 10mm or so. I didn't scale any of the parts when I printed them.

It appears to be a tolerance issue, the the opening in the shell needs to be a little larger to allow for the variance in printing and shrinkage. With some light sanding it should fit, I just want to make sure I didn't do anything incorrectly or that there's a piece I need to print.

Thank you!

Oh I see. Sorry for my misunderstanding. I still haven't been able to print out my own part to see all the things that are going wrong with it. However, I have time on my hands this week and will be doing so soon.

There are probably tolerance issues as you say. This is due to it being a visual project for school that i decided to turn into an stl.

If you have any updates on your build, I would love to hear how it's coming along.

Thank you, Senpai

Oct 28, 2014 - Modified Oct 28, 2014

How much would it cost me to get someone to print me a colored special edition one of these and ship it to me? Unless it's not possible to print them in color, in which case I would just paint it myself.

I would love to do this for you but I don't have my printer currently.

You might try talking to some of the people who have made one to see if they'd be willing.


Will do.

Thanks, Senpai!

If anyone if having difficulty slicing these files, or any other files ever, they may need to be repaired.

You can do this manually using Nettfab, if you're clever.

For the rest of us... load the file into the following website and then download the repaired file.... easy!

Some slicers will fix or ignore faults in stl files, other will not.


please try to slice a file once it's been fixed... you might find new life for your XYZ Da Vinci yet. :)

anyone using the Makerware I scaled this to 139. mm keeping everything equal to scale and drafted it to match the front. Love makerbot & their slicing software works fine. Iwill never buy a da vinci again or recommend it. Now back to making my Ghost FINALLY!

any comments on shells/raft/support settings for RepG?

Hey Senpai,
I have a quick question. How were you able to print the ghost with multiple colors? I have a Replicator 2X and was wondering how to print the ghost using two colors.

G'day BoyWonder,

I have a 2X at work... the only way you can do dual extrusion is to break your design into separate parts. You then load the separate stl files into Makwerware and save the project as a "thing" file. Select each part to assign the colour to it.

If you can preserve the coordinates of the broken up parts, when you re-save them as stl's, thay will load in the correct alignment... otherwise you will need to reposition them in Makerware.

You can use any of several mesh manipulation tools to break up an stl file.... I think MeshLab will do it and it's free.

Hope that helps.

To tell you the truth, I have no idea. I have never messed with dual extruders but you might try to look it up somewhere on a forum, Google or YouTube.

Sorry I have no answer,

I am using XYZ Da vinci software and right now I am at a stand still. When it slices the STL for the BACK of the ghost this is what I get, but it prints the Front of the body just fine. Any ideas?


Hello Mayhem,

Yes, actually. In the description, I strongly advise to use Cura When slicing. This is because in marlin or reprap type slicers, the back tends to slice funny. If you download Cura and use the software to slice, I guarantee it will fix this problem.

Thank you for your question,

Can anyone recommend where to get a rechargeable blue LED

Just curious as I am printing out the front. Did you change the diameter of the eye at all or is it the same?

Yes the diameter of the actual eye is a bit smaller. However, the size of the square and circle on the inside of the eye is bigger.

Oct 2, 2014 - Modified Oct 2, 2014

I just looked at the new files, way to go dude. Looks awesome. I printed off a model of the old one and I have to say I know this will improve where the side spikes had to be aligned. I used white& black Abs on my xyz da vinci but had to rotate them to lay flat w/ cora. I will be printing this off tonight and will show a comparison picture later when it's finished \m/

G'day Senpai,

I've just printed you new design, looking good BTW, and it took about ~15 hours give or take on my Mini Kossel (DIY reprap).

Sliced using Cura with supports and brim on all but the eye and the back, all done at 0.2mm with 5% fill.

Printing at 75% scale produced a Ghost that's ~125mm tip to tip (through the centre). Used natural PLA, so it looks like it's made of crystal (until the paint goes on).

I'll try to get some pictures up.

Thanks for the design,

Hello AzzA,

Thank you, I have been very busy with school so it was quite the struggle to redesign and upload the parts in a timely fashion, but I am glad that it worked out and your prints came out well. If I may ask, which parts did you print out (which set or ghost because there are parts to make a regular ghost and a special edition ghost)? Also, if there were any, what problems did you have in printing the parts?

When you finish this project, I would love to see it. I am currently having my printer repaired and haven't made some parts. Also, it might give others a but of inspiration or maybe a tip or two.

Thank You,

G'day Senpai,

I printed the "E" version files.

I had some issues with the files using Slic3r, I needed to put them through NetFabb first and then they were OK for Slic3r... then I had unrelated issues with Slic3r and went to Cura. (Slic3r can be great when it's working... but that wasn't my weekend.)

Cura had no issue with the files at all, either pre or post NetFabb. (I love Cura now.)

I've only hand finished some of the parts but the fit is looking very good.

I'll try to get some pictures of before the paint goes on, but it might be a bit hard; I printed in natural PLA and it has come out looking like crystal. (It does your eyes in looking at it, it hides features in a haze of light.) I will be printing more or Ghost though, so I might use some PLA that has some/any colour about it. I have some Death Star Grey ABS, that might even work well... and it could be polished as well. Stay tuned.

Biggest tip for anyone: use settings you know work for your printer and drop the infill down to around 10-15%.

Thanks again for the files.

The files are finally updated guys! hope you like them!

Where did all the files go? :(

you should make a video TUT on how you put this together.

I plan to make a tutorial once all the versions are finalized. i plan on making a simple non-electronic model as well as a model for electronics (which is up now but is still being finalized)

Well done Senpai!

we're looking forward to your updates.

which files do i need to print more of? or is this all you need?

Has all the thin walls been fixed? And does it slot together when you glue it or do you glue flat sides together? Sorry just wondering before I make it:)

which file do I PRINT more than once ?

How long did this take? I'm going to attempt this soon. Have no experience with 3D printers yet. Should I just print as is?

The file took 4 hours and I haven't printed it yet so I dont know build time. And yes print as is. it is to scale.

Hey guy's im glad you're asking questions! I have one of my own now though. I have been working on models from Sword Art Online which is a popular anime made by Aniplex. I am currently working on Kirito's dark repulsor sword and have already completed his Elucidator sword. I am also working on Kirito's new photon sword from GGO and Death Gun's mask. If you guys have any idea what these are or have interest in them I need you guys to decide which one I should finish and upload first as time is limited right now.

I'll PM you my email as soon as I get off work brotha. Thanks for making those files for my by the way. As for your SAO question, I'm actually a fan of the series as well. If I were you I would probably finish the photon sword first just because I think it would be more popular than Death Guns mask.

personally i would say the Photon sword because it will be a much more printable object :)

is this to scale?

But if you dont like the size you could always scale it in your 3d printer software

It's impossible to say exactly if it is perfectly to scale as we dont know the size of the characters. However, it is 4.5" square so it might be a bit big but it still fits in your hand like in the video game.

Is there anyway you could upload a file of it put together like it is above? I'm trying to have shapeways make me a model but I don't have a 3D printing program to put the thing together and make the file myself and shapeways only allows me to upload one file at a time so when I got it it would be all in pieces and I'd have to glue the damn thing together :(

Can do! I'll be sure to include that when I get the chance. Are you just making a model? Or do you plan on making it with electronics? If it's just a model I can fill the hollow parts. With shapeways I think they charge by overall space taken by your object so you might be good.

I'd like to add some electronics to it. I just don't really know how lol. so hollow would be nice. so if they charge by overall space would the hollow be cheaper or it wouldn't matter and it'd be the same price either way? I guess if you have time and want to make both hollow and solid I could find out lol.

just got back and finished putting the hollow file together. i'll start on the solid one.

Printing it right now, only found trouble with the side spikes, since some sides are too thin. But that was a thing with my printer.
Another thing is that the "eye" for some reason does not print the bridge lines in the center, or prints them incomplete.
Other than that it's going smooth.

When did you download the file? I updated the eye a day or two ago. I'll look at it when I'm able to get to my computer. How much thicker do you think? Also did you ever fix the side spikes or do I need to modify those as well?

OK re-did it, this time re-scaled the eye some millimiters and it did good.

It's rhe part in-between the two part of the eye right? The squate also or just the lines? I'd be happy to increase the size of the lines.

Aug 6, 2014 - Modified Aug 6, 2014
protoantonio - in reply to Senpai

just re tried, at it's default size and the issue persist.
And i tried with the most recent version.

The thing with the side spikes i suspect is an issue with my printer, at certain heights it tends to push prints a bit.
I am goint to try the eye again, with your new file and i will let you know as soon as it finishes printing.

if you guys somehow manage to come back across this model; before you print, please re-download the ghost eye and front ghost shell files. there was a mistake in both of these that was fixed recently. thank you

Odd, i did not enconter any issues printing the front shell.

this is amazing i was going to get the ghost edition for the replica but its sold out so i looked up destiny and this popped up this will be a fun print and thank you for creating this model

haha, that is exactly why i made it, thank you. be sure to tell me if it comes out well. i dont have a 3d printer yet so i would love to see one of these made. if you have any problems just ask.

im printing the back piece right now im making it green :3

after it's completed, you mind printing one of the hollow, 2-part front pieces? just wanted to see if it would print okay and if i needed to modify it.

just realized one of the parts was off. whatever you do do not print the ghost eye and front shell. i'm working on a fix now

k im making the back shell

everything's fixed and re-uploaded. be sure to re-download the eye and front shell. Have Fun, keep me posted! :)

both thec body halves done in green and they look great making the eye right now

That's great! glad it worked. can i ask what 3d printer you are using?

maker bot mini replicator

will do also could you make a STL model of a statue called SCP-173

if you guys make one of these be sure to send pictures! also if you plan on showing this off (youtube, other public sites, or displays), I demand credit where it is due.

oops! sorry guys, forgot the eye piece. it's there now

if you have any questions about this, please ask.