Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Superlight highres GoPro Hero 3 lens hood

by thbruun Aug 4, 2014
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I've tried to make this 2 times now and for some reason during the build the right side seems weak and keeps falling over. Maybe my printer needs calibrating or I should make this a bit thicker... Still a newbie at this 3D printing business.

Hi! I have made this so that the walls are a multiplication of 0.4mm, which is the nozzle-diameter of the rep2. If yours is say 0.5, then it might be an issue where it only makes one shell per round, that won't work I'm afraid. I'm currently enjoying sun, beer and beautiful girls at a festival in Norway, but if I remember I can post a thicker file for you next week. :)

This thing is incredibly thin, so weighs next to nothing. Fits on gopro 3+ and 4 fine with no sanding, but don't try to acetone finish them as they are so thin they become brittle.

I had the engineers at work print this for me so I could see if it works on my GoPro Hero4 Black. It fits pretty snug. I sanded it just a little and am able to get a tight friction fit. So, for anybody wondering, this will fit on the hero4 as well.

Unfortunately it was cloudy and I couldn't get any glare from the sun to see if it block out the shadows from my props.

So I made of these and I would like to say that on my GoPro 3 it fits a little lolose, and spins a little too easily. Do you think I could scale it down ever so slightly to make it a little tighter?

That should not be a problem. I designed it so it would friction-fit on my 3+Black after some sanding, but our 3D-printers might be slightly differently calibrated. I'm not sure mine is very good. :P

Just verify that you get two shells, otherwise it might be too thin to be used. Then again, this is not a crucial part for anything, so if it's good enough then suddenly you have a part that weighs half of what I originally made! :)

Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy using my free time building my CNC-mill, neglecting the world of 3D-printing. :P

Hey Guys, I just printed mine out of ABS. This thing is super light!

I'm putting this on my Zenmuse gimbal and won't give it a second thought. There is no way this thing has enough weight to matter (at least how mine came out). I've made my own custom gimbal for a mobius camera (even lighter) so I have some experience in this area.

Here is a great video I shot proving why you need this! Notice the stripes that show up in the sun from the spinning props. I basically have this same issue with the Gopro on board. Sounds like this hood will fix that right up!


That's great! :D Loving how good the response for this one is. I'll develop it further, maybe I can get it even lighter. :)

This the video with and without the shade, it makes a huge difference.

That's great! :D I haven't had time to test it properly for myself yet so this is awesome!

I was looking to add an nd filter, could this be modified to fit on that to?

I have seen people adding coins as counterweights to stabilize when adding filters. The gimbals are very sensitive, so I wouldn't take that chance unless I was prepared to take the hit if I burned the motors. What kind of filter are you looking at?

I was looking at this one:
They say it is 3.6 grams, sounds pretty light to me.

Well, the GoPro itself is 74g, which means it's about 5%. That might be a bit much, especially as it's added as far "off centre" as that. I would be careful if I were you. I can upload a .step or .iges if you have a parametric app and you want to modify it. Just let me know. :)

I was literally sitting down to create this for myself, it looks great, I have the h3-2d and at .054 grams, it should not stress the motors. I'll take a pic when its done.