Makerbot Unicorn Pen Plotter

by MakerBot Sep 21, 2010
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Somehow the "required parts" section of this thing seems to be missing.

what's the (electrically) largest size of servos we can use?
I'm interested in designing a printable version.

wait a minute....why does the plotter even need a servo at all?

It's located on the Z-stage.

Is there a centering technique? I am Imagining how the pen attaches and it seems that different size pens/markers will have slightly different centers.

Any chance we can get a part number and supplier for the linear slide?

like in the makerbot store? sold with a servo? hint hint... :-D

It looks like the rail is a cut-down section of:


Not sure which carraige is the one makerbot has picked - I couldn't find the dimensions of the various carraiges, but presumably it's one of these.

Finally! A printer that really works!!

This is amazing! Is a printable version in the works?