Jersey Barriers for 28mm Gaming

by rbross Aug 6, 2014
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And you can make molds of two halves in 1/35 scale, to cover with plaster

Looks sweet, what software did you use to do the damaged mods to the barrier? I have trouble with non-rectilinear modelling...

Thanks! I created a fractal heightmap and converted into a polyhedron for OpenSCAD, then differenced the polyhedron out of the barrier again in OpenSCAD.

The fractal heightmaps have turned out to be super useful in terms of creating damaged things, but if I were to do it over again, I would probably pull the pieces into Blender and do the differencing there. It's a lot faster than OpenSCAD, and it is much easier to tweak the position of the heightmap polyhedron that way.

As an aside, that's basically how I've been making the terrain for the bases on the wreck models, etc. -- I use a script to create an outline for the base and a heightmap from OpenSCAD to form the base (intersecting the two), but I pull them into Blender so I can tweak the heightmap beforehand (e.g., to get the edges of the base close to 1mm).

I don't really advertise it (until now, apparently), but most of my models and scripts are on Github.

Could you please do a youtube video showing how you do this? Both in OpenSCAD and in Blender? Thanks!

Sorry, YouTube videos are not really my thing.


I have a printerbot play with the standard deck so cannot fit this item on. Could you split it into two sets of four barriers possibly?

Happy to do that. Since the four undamaged are identical, I've just split out a single of those, so you can print whatever fits. Thanks for the interest!

Thanks for creating these. I plan to use them on my 1:32 scale routed wood slot car track.

Glad you like them! Post a picture when you make them if you get a chance!