INKO KAYARI (Mosquito coil holder in the shape of a cockatiel)

by fumikono Aug 6, 2014
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How did you get the over hangs to print! its a nightmare on my end 3ed print failure . Any advice with your experience on printing this ??

Oh, I think your failure sorry...
But I don't understand reasons of failures,I just use 3d printer and printers software.
(The printer I use always AFINIAH480.)

I hope your next print will be nice.

Very very clever idea. Thank you for it sharing with us all. I am sure we will be many that prints this one out.

Thank you for the comment. I'm very very glad you love this!

Hi , there is one thing about your model, while printing I notices holes and I ran it though netfabb and the model needed healing, perhaps you can update your model for others.

This is a great little design; I might print a few to act as a suet feeder...

To prevent this from tipping or falling over due to a heavy gust of wind... it might be good to include a hole in the bottom-center for one to put a garden spike through or a allow one to use a bolt so this can be mounted securely to the ground or deck/railing. I guess if one were crafty enough you could make it so that it was printed hollow and you could 'pop' the head or beak off of it to pour in some sand or metal washers so that acts as a weighted element to keep the bird upright.

Thank you for the comment. That is a good idea to act as a suet feeder!
I promise to make a new data in the near future.

I finished uploading a new data.
Please check it!

based on your printing, can you suggest what infill, and layer thickness you used, also if you had to use rafts or supports? thank you, great looking.

Thank you for comment and question.
My print was made from ABS using layer 0.15mm,and using raft and support.
Please watch new uploaded photo.

What a lovely idea and it looks great. I used to keep cockatiels. Had a aviary full of them. Very gentle birds for the most part and make wonderful companions.

Thank you for comment.
I'm keeping a Cockatiel, too.
He is beautifully white, sing in a nice voice.
I love.

All comments about the safety of this thing considered. If you use it in steady weather and don't leave it unattended I don't see any problem.

Additionally, the likelihood of the sudden combustion of ABS caused by a mosquito coil is minute. The ignition temperature of ABS vs. the normal burning temperature of the coils assures relatively safe operation. However as with any burning product you don't leave it unattended.

Basically, just use common sense.

Thank you for comment and consideration.
My opinion is the same as you probably.
I uploaded a photo when it fell down actually.
Please refer to it.

Comments deleted.

Just a thought, while i know it's not open flame, any source of ignition around a printed plastic part is a bit dangerous. Just saying, while the risk might seem low, this is just a bad idea given the materials we can print. Burning plastic puts a real damper on your day. All it takes is the wind to blow that moquito coil over and the smoldering tip heats up the plastic which now becomes a candle wicking molten plastic into the flame. It goes from no big deal to a big deal in seconds.

Thank you for comment.
There is a risk of fire as you pointed out.
Please take care to fire when using.