Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Prusa i3 rework Dual bowden extruder 1.75mm direct Drive ajustable

by eMotion-Tech Aug 6, 2014
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I'm building this thing. Great work!
My bowden fittings for the pusher are M6 size. Would you like to do a version of the pusher with M6 fitting?

"direct drive adjustable" what does that mean? Does it work with direct drive or not? I have all the components to make a 2x bowden or 1x bowden + 1x direct and thought that might be a good way to get the benefits of 2 extruders, the ability to print flex in the direct, and the ability to print fast with the bowden by removing the direct one, basically using it in a modular fashion to quickly re-configure it for different situations. A bit weird that there are no pictures just a handful of renders, makes it hard to picture how it comes together and the hardware involved.


avez-vous prévu une version compatible avec le capteur inductif de la prusa i3 rework 1.5 ?

Merci d'avance,

How does the spring attach on the extruder part?

The idea is really great for the extruder part, but has anyone printed it ?

I just did, and the hole on top of the "pusher" where the filament first enters and the alignment of the bearing are 8 mm away from the motor and the hole in the "holder" is 6 mm away from the motor. The difference of 2 mm makes it very hard for the filament to enter unhindered. Furthermore the bearing and drive gear are out of alignment with 2 mm.

Any thoughts ?

Is it possible to get the 3d files, so that i can fit them accordingly ?

Yes there is not a good alignment for for MK8, i edited the models as i can... and they are much better now.

But im still geting a problem. My nema 17 driver is at 1.18v, he is moving when i do an extrude but i can see how the 624ZZ move a bit and stop, move nother bit and stop, so that means the motor is not pushing constatly, there is so muche presure and the filament slips som times. I don't know how to solve this.


I've a E3D do i need E0 or E1 for this?


I have printed and installed this but am having difficulty setting it up. E0 is getting to the correct temp but E1 is 30 degrees too hot? Also I cannot get both extruders to print in the same spot on the bed. Is there any help to set up multiple extruders. On my single extruder setup I had bed levelling, do you have any plans to add bed levelling to this dual extruder? Thanks.

will this work with the standard prusa i3 rework carriages and parts?



I don't understand what is the difference between the files E_i_integrated and E_i_repaired ? Is it necessary to print both?

thanks in advance,

What size are the springs that you are using, e.g. diameter, length, so that I can match to what Fastenal has to offer. thanks


Will it work with a E3D V6 in a Graber i3?

Hi! Yes it should work, just download the right file.

Looks very nice!
Do you know what thread size the pneufit for the hexagon hotend needs to have? I'm planning to buy one but I'm not sure which pneufits it needs.


Hi! It's a classic 1/8 BSP thread :)

Alright thanks I just ordered two!

Thanks for this upgrade !
Did you made one for 3mm version ?

With pleasure, no the update is only for 1.75mm, 3mm with direct drive bowden is really tricky to make it works.

Could the design be adapted with a geared extruder to work with 3mm or is it a general issue with pushing filament through the pneufit tubing?

Hi, the 3mm require much more pressure (depending of your hotend of course) than the 1.75mm, so a geared extruder might be a solution (even if we believe 1.75mm bowden is easier to calibrate). You will be able to buy 1/8" / 6mm pneufit which should work with our double hot-end mount solution. Do not hesitate to send us feedback if you try so!