by X3RPM Aug 8, 2014
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A very well designed model of hulk, quality is amazing and the details just blown me away! Out of a scale of 100% for rating, I would rate this model 99.8%, the reason for this is because when I removed the supports from the model itself, some of the support got stuck on the model, and also, because of the outo-generated supports, some of the model details around the heel of the model was destroyed, so I would like it very much if you could make 2 supports on only its hand.

Yours Gratefully,

From Clucker

PS:My nickname is Clucker

Problema para imprimir cuando llega a las mano

Tried many times and always failed at the hands.... I tried some of the remixes and those too, failed. Then I decided to print this thing upside down with support and success. The only thing I do not like is that I lost some detail in the feet but that was to be expected. I will post the details with some pictures.

Wonderful thank you

GO X3RPM! This is incredible! Seriously, 10/10. Have you considered doing sculpts of any other characters? (Like eg. the other avengers or other Marvel or DC characters, even though I know this wasn't based off the movie hulk). But even if the answer is no, this is still absolutely amazing. Well done! ;D

My design it's spread like cancer. I didn't think it will be so popular. I've read Your coments about problems with model and slicing. I have question about that. What software did You used. Maybe I tray uploading low res model.


Need some repair, all slicers I tried break the model.
I tried fixing it in netfabb and other but the big ammount of polygons make my PC slow as hell

I repaired and decimated the file and separated the Hulk from the platform because I wanted to fix the cool model and see more prints of this cool sculpt.

File is here:

Remeshed and Decimated Hulk model from Designer X3RPM

True large parts missing around the mid-section in the model. Not possible to print without some serious repairing.

I fixed it :)

File is here:

Remeshed and Decimated Hulk model from Designer X3RPM

everytime i print this everything seems fine but the legs have parts missing from them, i dont notice until i remove the support material... anyone else have this issue...? my program tells me that the design isnt watertight.... please help

new to the printing game... I've failed on a few prints without printing supports. and when i do print supports they are a bit much. is this normal and when this design would printing with supports be recommended?

Hi!. Yes. You need print this model with support.

what speed did you print this at?

It's sculpted by me. It isn't from game.

Nothing more annoying than being accused of stealing. It's an awesome sculpt! I had a little fun with it, I hope you don't mind :) Full credit was absolutely given to you.

Comments deleted.

It wasn't a mesh rip, it was an actual sculpture done by X3RPM. There needs to be less hate on the Internet. Give the guy (or girl, I don't know) some credit.