Doctor Who Weeping Angel in attack pose

by IslandDan Aug 10, 2014
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their are not more because what ever holds the image of an angel is its self an angel. please send the back to oblivion.-Doctor

Hi, This is a beautiful piece. I tried to make one, but for some reason after I got to her waist it fell apart. I would like to try again, would anyone have any advice.

This is very easy to print, and is a great design. Thank you for your work, fantasygraph, and thank you for posting it, IslandDan. Fantasygraph, I would not have found your design if it weren't for Thingiverse. Now I'm heading over to have a look at your website. We posted a pic of the Weeping Angel on Facebook, and all our friends were jealous :)

Sad to see someone with too much ego hate a great site like this. Thanks for the post IslandDan.

too much ego ? are you insane ? do you think someone with 'TOO MUCH EGO' give their models to the community ? thingiverse is not a great site... it's a site of stealer who try to get patent on community models...

What site would you recommend instead, just out of curiosity?

He he... thanks for proving my point .

IslandDan, it's debatable whether you leave Fantasygraph's design up on Thingiverse. He did license it under Creative Commons. The problem I see is that you don't follow the Creative Commons license. It's been a couple of months and I still don't see proper attribution in the Thingiverse License section or the Description. The only reason it's known that this work was started by another artist is because he commented on your upload. Don't you think you should properly give attribution?

Comments deleted.

The reason he didn't post it here is because he doesn't like Thingiverse's policies.

Well I just emailed him letting him know that I did post it up on here. If he asks me to take it down I will respect his wishes and do so. No harm in asking first. Thanks cyclone and chipper for letting me know that he may not want it here. I will get it sorted.

hi.. i just see it by chance.. and i never received your email ... I HATE thingiverse... i DON'T LIKE to see my models here... if it were me, my models will NEVER be again here... BUT i gave my models to the community (don't forget to donate if you like them on fantasygraph.com ) ) and as long as you credit me as the author, you can do what you want with my models ...

i will not ask you to take it down, it is a problem between you and your conscience...

did I said I did not like to see my models here? :P

If I recall correctly, he posted it here but then actively removed it.

I think IslandDan should respect his wishes and remove it.