Ghostbusters Ghost Trap (NEW AND IMPROVED)

by Imirnman Aug 11, 2014
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Great model! Would you be able to summarize a parts list for easy download and printing? That is, provide a list of the pieces to print since I believe some of them are doubles in your thing files.

This looks great! I LOVE the removable trap, it's exactly what I need for my Ecto-3 containment unit project. Mind if I ask what the print time was for you? How big of a print bed do you need to make this (I have an 8x8x8 inch bed)

Stl of poor quality. Full of defect!

Sorry you feel that way. It printed off my Mbot no problem but that's my printer.

Comments deleted.

dude i totally need the file for the big heatsink i got every other part and its almost done. please! C2E2 is in like 8 weeks!

Just uploaded the heatsink for you. Please post a make when you are finished.

you forgot the heatsink file.

Is it possible to get the top portion of the cart main body. My problem is I printed the main body for 30+ hours and for some reason during the night it stopped printing. I am at the bottom of the hinges/top of the main part before it narrows down. My idea is to print it off and glue them together. If not I will attempt to draw and fit.



I just uploaded a new STL for you called "GBT_Cart_Main_Bdy_Top_Only". Please upload some photos when you complete your trap.


Thank you very much I didn't want to reprint that all over again. I will post once it is all done.



I have replaced the file with a corrected one. It printed fine the way it was on my machine, but there was a small gap between the plate and the rest of the part as you said. Sorry for the mistake and thanks for pointing it out so I could correct it.

hey, was just printing the full battery indicator and it looks like the indicator panel on the front of it isn't attached to the main body. Is this designed that way on purpose? I only ask because my printer eventually prints most of it fine but the first few layers of printing the panel are sagging quite a bit. Thanks!

is there a best method to printing this? Lots of parts and would be helpful if there was already some trial and error that could help others. Thanks!

The way the parts are when you download them is the way I printed them on my Mbot clone printer. The only exception is for the main body and the cartridge. I cut both of those files down the middle into 2 parts each and turned the two halves up creating a "U" shape. I had to glue these together before finishing the model

I printed in PLA using the standard Makerware settings. The standard settings are...
10% infill
2 shells
0.20 mm layer height.
230° C

I printed with both raft and supports for most parts.

Is there any chance you could share the cut down files for the main body? I can't get any of my programs to cut it up.

Great. Thanks for the reply. I was also wondering which parts you printed since there are different mock ups. some with details, some without, some with multiple pieces together etc.

I noticed that the top part of the handle is hollow regardless of its infill. Can you change that? And thanks for everything;)

GBT_Full_Hndl_Solid is now up. I filled the handle version that had the full extended vertical. You may need to cut into the battery pack to use this one or will need to use the battery pack posted with the similar hollow handle.

Before I do, please tell me which handle file you want solid. There are multiple. The regular one, the extended one etc...

A solid version of the full handle. Thanks again

The extended one please

I added a file called "gbt_solid_hndl" It is just the top handle which is now solid with an opening in the front for the slide switch detail. If that does not work for you I suggest just filling the existing handle with hot glue if you are concerned about strength. The hollow one though should be plenty strong since it is a double walled tube. Making it solid won't do much as far as strength goes it will just use more material to print.

One more thing, can you make the solid handle as one piece with its lower half?
Thanks again

Really nicely done, great attention to detail! Going the extra distance to make many separate parts is a lot more work but makes for nicer prints - great job.

Thanks Countspatula! It's nice to be appreciated. Honestly though I just wanted one for myself and I'm kind of a stickler for detail so I did my best to be as accurate as possible. Not perfect, but pretty good for having been built in TinkerCad.

That's betterish, but it's alittle too skinny of a piece that could still snap. I'm not using the latch idea, can you extend the handle like you did but give it it's full thickness? And possibly add a gap in the battery box to compensate? That would be awesome.
Can you also make one that's all in one piece as well?
And yes I'll post pics when it's done.

Okay, I gave it another shot. The file is now "GBT_Full_Hndl_Cut_Bat_Pk". It includes a full handle the entire length and it has been cut out of the full battery pack. I cannot guarantee it will be a perfect fit, but it's the best I can do quickly.

Can you change the handle so that the mounting section of the handle is longer? Enough to go completely across the inlayed section of the traps outside shell?

Just added a file called "GBT_Extended_Separated_Handle" for you. It made sense to separate the parts once it was extended to make printing easier. If you build one please post pictures. Thanks.

Fantastic! I'm printing parts right now!

2 main concerns though. First, most of the large parts are not solid models, e.g. the walls of the frame and rear case aren't connected, so they print as separate objects and fall apart.

Also, it would be great if you could upload just the individual objects, with the screws and bolt caps separate. Some of the grouped parts are set in an orientation that isn't really good for printing.

Great models though!

Hi MrGreene!

I understand your concerns. TinkerCad is fairly limited so it was tough to align all the parts perfectly and apologize for any slight misalignments. I have printed this entire trap out and it printed with no major problems.

I needed to cut both the frame and cartridge in half to print them. After cutting them I stood them on their ends so the formed the letter "C". They print very well in that orientation. I'll consider adding the side panels separated out. I did give you extra bolts and caps in the detail parts file thinking if you just wanted the pieces to finalize a scratch built kit you could print them.

Some of the pins get very small. I would probably just use real bolts in those areas. I do plan to re-work the doors some. I plan to peg the back of them just like I did the front then just put a bolt head on the back of the cartridge for cosmetics. There is no reason this really needs to be a pin. I figure it will be stronger that way and have less of a chance to break.

Glad you like the files.