Golden Snitch

by Porda Aug 11, 2014
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Do you by chance sill have the VT files?
I'd like to print the same as a gift for another hokie

You should make a set of Harry Potter stuff

are supports included or would i have to make those myself if i have to how do i do that? also how do i fill it?
(if you cant tell this is my first print)

Hi tdude,

I'm honored that you've chosen the snitch as your first print.
If you're learning how to print I highly recommend Maker's Muse channel on Youtube. He has a great playlist of videos explaining how to get started with printing, https://youtu.be/BrvMqrgGXuE.

Best of luck and I hope to see some pictures of your print.

Hi Porda, just letting you know, I am a beginner, and I am having issues with support structures on the main body of the snitch.

The support seems to adhere too well to the snitch's body and I can't pry it off. I printed it twice, and no luck getting the support and raft off the snitch's body. Is there a certain setting you recommend to print the support structures on this particular model?

it could also be due to priniting at too high of a temperature

Hi JustMcCollum,
Sorry you're having issues with the main body, spheres are always difficult to print. What printer, slicer, and material are you using?
A quick way to help is extend your supports to give your more to grip and snap off. You can also look through your advanced support settings to increase the layer separation between supports and model.

If all else fails you can also print the snitch at a larger scale.

Hey Porda,

Could you make a model of this snitch but than with the lines that go from the wing holes as grooves like in the movies?

Are supports required for the lifesized sphere or can it be printed just as it is? I also just realized this is a hollow ball with no ability to control infill for the interior? I'm assuming maybe thats cause you used a shell modifier or something when modeling but if you can elaborate... I would hate for it to collapse if squeezed or something.

Hi Cotton,

Supports are needed for the main body, unless you use a sliced version and piece it back together. There are some variation files on Thingiverse that have already done this.
I originally made the part hollow because it was designed to save material for metal printing on Shapeways. I honestly forgot about the cavity. I can remove that in Meshmixer, but that may take me a little to get to. If you want to try it yourself, you're more than welcome to as well.

That's OK.. The hollow Snitch is actually fine aside from just being lite weight but seems sturdy using Colorfabb Ngen.

The supports on this version however did a number on the details and messed up the bottom of the Snitch. I did find a cut in half version so I printed that with more success this afternoon so I'll see how it goes piecing it together. thx.

The supports messed up the bottom of mine also. I'm going to try it agin with some custom adjustments

Why is there a "VT" on the snitch in all of the photos? Also, great design! I can't wait to print it.

The VT is from the original design, a birthday present for my sister, a Virginia Tech Hokie. Putting the file on Thingiverse was an afterthought.
Have fun printing!

That is so great to see! Best of luck at the Quidditch Cup!

I made it and i accidentally swallowed it #winning

amazing work, thank tou for including the sldprt files :)

How did you print the wings without ripping them when removing the raft?

Hi Kairedfern,

I'd definitely recommend not using a raft. You should be able to print the pure STL straight on the print bed.

Hi Porda i am a twelve year old and love Harry Potter and 3d printing i have built two 3D printers and would like to modify (upgrade) one a little bit and i was wondering if you would be ok if i sold them after i printed them and painted them? thank you so Much!!!!

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Hi Gerik,

Thanks for asking. I don't have any issues with you selling the Snitch. I'd just ask that you cite where the design came from. The easiest way to do that is to Print Thing Tag which is located on the bottom right of the Thing Info page, and then attach that to the snitches you sell.
Good luck.

Ok thanks so much!

Hi, did you print this as a split print? or as one solid piece?


Hi Blimp,
I printed this as a solid sphere which did lead to some surface quality issues on the back, but a little sandpaper goes a long way.