Destiny's Ghost

by ModelStation Aug 12, 2014
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Could you separate the Ghost Center Open stl file into 3 separate files? Im trying to print this at a higher scale and it will not fit in my printer. Thank you.

The original SketchUp file is in the downloads (Ghost.skp). You can use that to do whatever you like with it. I do not even have SketchUp installed anymore, I have switched to Fusion 360.

This might be an amateur question, but what material are you using in your 3D printer? I'd like to print a The Last Word also. Same material?

I printed the ghost in ABS, but I also like to use PLA. For something decorative and non-structural I would use whatever material you have been getting the best results with.

for some reason my slicer wont create the middle section of the eye as one. It keeps putting gaps before the corners? Anyone else experience this?

My slicer (Simplify3D) also left gaps. I had to add 0.1mm of horizontal compensation. Look closely at the preview of your print (if your slicer has one) to insure there are some connective lines.

What program did you model this in?

SketchUp. The original file is in the downloads.

How long does this take to print?
I am thinking of printing it but I have limited time and resources.

The body pieces each took 4:15 and the center took 2:20. So about 11 hours total.

what kind of glue should i use to combine it all together?

I use acetone or plastic cement (Testors) for ABS.

Soooo much cheaper than the ghost bundle from bungie.

Anyone have a link to an LED that works well with this?

Try a diffused 10mm led for a soft glow or several diffused 5mm for a uniform glow. You can also use 5mm RGB leds to make whatever color you want but it requires extra hardware.

Any LED will work. Easiest way is to use a 9V battery to power it. A blue LED will have a forward voltage of about 3V. That means you need more than 3V to get it to light up.

Here is a link from an Amazon search for some diffused blue LEDs that should work nicely.

To keep it from burning out you MUST use a resistor. The above link includes 100 ohm resistors. I would start with three resistors in series for 300 ohms resistance. If it is too dim you could remove a resistor but you risk burning out the LED due to too much current. The math goes like this;

9 Volt battery minus 3 Volts dropped because of the forward voltage leaves 6 volts. Assume that the LED is rated for 20 mA current. To find the resistance you use Ohm's law. 6 Volts divided by 20mA (.020) = 300 Ohms.

If instead you used three AA alkalizes the math would be...

4.5V minus the 3V forward voltage = 1.5V. 1.5V divided by 20mA = 75 Ohms.

You could try two AA batteries (3V), it may or may not light up. In that case you should not need a resistor.

been trying to find a good fit, nothing came up so far

Hey man i dont have a 3D printer but i want this model so badly ive been searching round for a way to get one but with no luck seeing as u have a 3D printer is there anyway u can make one and send it to me ill pay?

Making mine today. Looking forward to it. The game is crack.

If i want to assemble it and put an LED in it, how would i put it together without having to glue it? Incase the LED dies and i need to replace it. If you have any ideas, anythign would help!

I'm thinking of modifying the back part on the 3-piece core to have a couple of flanges, and the centre piece to have the reciprocal holes, so I can twist that back on and off

If I get it done well, I'll post my mod

Okay sounds good! Im going to pain it and what not after I get the LED to be able to be turned on and off. So once you post that my model will be complete. Thanks again, and I'll be checking back for your mod to it.

Ghost Hatch mod
by Sraf

I've printed your mod and it works fantastically! The only thing I'd like to figure out is: how can I print just the eye lens and the back part from the original file so I don't have to waste the center body piece from the original file?

Unfortunately, I hit a bit of a snag, and my printer is awaiting a new part, so this mod will be a bit delayed

I am planning on putting some electronics into mine as well. I was thinking maybe really weak magnets to hold the pieces together. Just enough to make it hold but not too much to make it disrupt the electronics. Alternatively, the back could be modified slightly to make it spin in and out (unless it already does this in the model).

What layer height did you run?