Monarch Glider

by exosequitur Jan 16, 2013
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dose not print well at all

i pre assembled the glider so it only prints in 2 peices instead of 4. you can find it here -> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3318028 <-

Assembled Monarch Glider

This is one of my older planes - its a good flyer, but there's a lot of better ones available to print now!

at least you could say which one is the best now...

I made one, but it was broken in their first flying.

20% fill
0.15 line

I will try with other parameters

could i print it in pla?

I just printed this in PLA and the wings became very thin. Dunno if it was my settings (stock K8200) but except for a bit heavy in the front it flew pretty well. And since the wings was a bit bendy it doesn't break easily either. It's a good print. Try it.
I just purchased the "PowerUP" Electric paper airplane conversion kit to add to this as well :) It's basically a tiny, tiny battery driven propeller for 30 seconds of free flight. Will try it out this weekend.

Thank you for the design but I found that the rear stabilizer fin likes to break so I made a fin only STL. I don't have to print a whole new glider now!

What did you use to make the fin only? I need to make one with the hook piece that attaches the cockpit.

you should make a 1 peace glider

very good, made a few, be careful you do not fly into a wall, they are fragile!

Printed this, printed well, however, there is no physical feature to mount the cockpit to the fuselage...seems pretty crucial. Going to use CA glue and hope the center of gravity is where it should be.

My fault, one piece failed to print?

This is my favorite glider! I've printed these all the way up to 140% scale and they all work great. The little mini monarch is small enough to make a complete loop in my living room.

I just built 4 of these to play around with at a family outing. Took one for a test flight and was blown away. Incredible distance, dramatic loops, and all kinds of fun.

FYI, I Dremel'ed the groove in the underside of the 'cockpit' then superglued the front fin into it. Makes for much easier and stronger assembly and only takes a sec. For about 50 cents of plastic and a 30 minute build, these are hours of entertainment. Thanks! Love it.
I'll be trying out the space shuttle version from your site soon. Got a ball field nearby perfect for losing one over the fence!

Tried printing at 66% on a Replicator 2 with MakerWare and the front slot was way too thin to slide in the cockpit/launch hook. Will have to experiment to make it fit on the build plate.

Pardon my ignorance, but how do you use the launcher?

hook up a long rubberband, launch using the hook on the bottom front of the airplane....have fun!

Ok I figured to launch it like a catapult. Initially the plane kept crashing into the launcher

Printed in PLA with 0.2mm layer height. Even with diagonal infill it was good. Yeah, it was 'cause I cannot resists to launch it indoor repeatedly until I broke it (it was too cold outside :-). I plane to print some more and also try ABS.
It's really funny, great job!

It flies great! Nice design!