Common Cold Virus

by educator Sep 30, 2010
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Thanks for posting this educator! Very interesting and a great idea.

Netfabb has a free tool that is simple and good at making your model manifold and clean and also has a simple splitter, pick an axis on the right and move the slider to pick where to divide it. Then save with Part
gt;Export Part
gt;As STL Binary.

'Tis the full virus structure! Yes, Repg sliced it nicely. However, the bottom of the virus is not flat enough during the build. This why I want to slice it, print it and glue it.

All ideas welcome!

This is relevant to my interests. The whole BioRep scene that's starting to crop up is really cool to watch grow, as the whole concept of "Replacement Parts" starts to take off. Obviously ABS isn't the answer to a broken bone, but it's a first step.

I'm curious as to whether or not repg could handle the full virus structure, maybe in clear PLA or something, I think It would look cool.

If splitting your image in half will accomplish what you want, you might refer to:

"http://wiki.makerbot.com/taylor-s-blender-tipshttp://wiki.makerbot.com/taylo..." and take a look at section 9 "Make a flat back" where you can separate the object with a flat plane. It may help.