Google Cardboard for Samsung Galaxy S5

by ForgetfulJones Aug 14, 2014
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can this fit a Galaxy On5?

Do you have any cad files you could add? I would like to edit this to fit some slightly larger lenses that I have. STL files don't work well with my CAD software though, at least for import. Inventor files would be best if you could add them.

Is there enough room for someone's glasses inside when its being worn?

Great design so thanks. The issue I've had is that the lenses (or phone) is too far away from eachother so it's not in focus. Using the BrizTech VR Normal Size Google cardboard. Any ideas or solutions?

can i use this with my s6?

Did you find out? Because I'm going to print it for my S5 but my brother in law has an S6 that I can test it on.

What was the result?

I'm not surprised the symmetry isn't exact, I was modeling it too fast to get something to work and didn't really check.
I think I hot glued the lens cover piece in, I don't remember!

Has the model been updated so it is symmetrical? If not, is it really an issue?

Ok, thank you! You gave me a good start that's for sure.

I uh, had an error maybe you can help me with with :)

I forgot to note the orientation of the lenses when I took them out of the cardboard. The "flat" (flat-ish, or more flat) side should be towards the eyes, and the curved side to the phone, correct?

Not sure, I think it should work either way, but the curved should go toward the smaller side so it centers it if I remember correctly, so I think it's the phone side? Sorry!

Learned something about lenses today, and sharing since I had the problem so the community can learn :D

  • Hot Glue was a great tip for putting the lenses in
  • If you get glue on the lenses in a viewable area, pop it off, clean it with 99% rubbing alcohol (or less, but I had 99%), dry, and try again
  • If the user has glasses, they may want to edit the model and forget about the eye piece. The eye piece cover adds a little extra distance that reduced the clarity for me, personally. Noting that the Galaxy s5 isn't as HD as the emerging tech, people will want the best they can get.

And Jones, huge props again I had fun with this print!

How did you get the lenses to stay in place? Glue? Thanks for the design, this is fun. I got https://www.unofficialcardboard.com/products/v2-0 and tore the lenses out but the eye piece doesn't stay in place on it's own. Glue seems to be the next step but it's worth asking...before gluing :)

I agree, it looks like there is an error in the symmetry of this part. The right eye is closer to the center plate than the left.

I printed one and it looks very good.
But the eyes are not symetrical on both sides, or the nose cutout is not in the middle.
But something is wrong with the symetry I think.

This is wonderful, thanks so much for posting it. I've been having a blast with it. Much better than the cardboard version I had that's broken in pieces. I ended up having to chop a tiny bit off of the two big parts to fit it on my printrbot metal simple (150mm bed) and posted a remix for anyone else who wants one that fits in 150mm. It works great and I love it.

Will this work with the LG G3? The G3 is close in size, but it is a tad bigger.

What type of lenses did you use? Can you add a link to where you bought them or what size they are? Or where these the ones that came withe Google Cardboard?


Bought a set from these guys ^ and used the lenses. Not sure about the specs.

The above website mentions that the lenses are "45 mm Asymmetrical Biconvex Lenses." They sell the lenses only as well as a kit for under $10 that has all the non-cardboard (or plastic) parts.

Just noticed that Wendy's is having a Night at the Museum 3 kids special with a set of lenses in a 3D viewfinder...they appear to be close to the specs required... and you get a meal out of them... will be printing of these off, and trying it with the lenses and see how well it works.

Is the slot for the Galaxy S5 loose enough to slide a S5 in that has the Qi wireless charger back?

Makerbot Desktop really does not like these files, even after running them through netfabb. I have a Galaxy S5 and would really like to use these files.

Update; it is an error from makerbot desktop 3.2.2. It is unable to load files that are not loaded from the program.

Well I just checked and there was one thing on the body where an extra tab had to be removed from the top, so the file has been updated, but as for Makerbot Desktop I can't help you, the .stl files are manifold and work fine with slic3r, so I would say your problem is on your end. Good luck!