Bonsai Planter (New HD Model with over 1,100,000 Triangles)

by gCreate Aug 16, 2014
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I'd print the heck out of this...if I could keep a freaking Bonsai alive that is.

Nope. All they have to do is give attribution... Some people... Thank you.

Comments deleted.

can we print this in vase mode on cura ?

What size of plant did you use? (printed at 200% scale) And what layer height?

The image shown is at 200% scale and the plant was about 10" wide at the time. We did 200 micron layer heights and its better if you have a wide nozzle (around 1.0mm) if possible. Make sure to double check the gcode before printing to see if you have gaps and if you do, increase the perimeter all count.

How do you guys are slicing this?

If I don't do top shells then there are holes all over the legs. If I do top shells then the top is closed.


This is a very beautiful Thing. But i'm a lil bit sad now... :-(

I did not very attention while starting the Print.
I choosed the "best" Version "root_planter_box_v4_solid_high-definition.stl" and I set it on a Scale of 1.5, beacause 1.0 was to small. The Print takes with my Settings 18hours and 36minutes to print. And after the Night, so after 10hours I recognized that in Cura, the Model has no Hole on the Top.

And now after nearby 19hours of printing I have a beautiful Planter without a Hole for the Plant :-(

The donwloaded files all are closen on the top, only the First one has a Hole.

I will now try to make a Hole by Hand, But I think it will be hard to do that without damages on the Planter...

But, very beautiful at all.. Thx for this Thing :-)

hello this was a cool print. I made a small 1 an a large 1.

Thank you for the link. We have contacted ebay to have the listing removed. Funny, all the person had to do was give us attribution and a link. Guess it was too much work.

I made the high res remix version of this for a friend and then wanted the pass along how beautiful and elegant they thought it was.

Great work!. Email us at info@gcreate.com if you want the original 3ds max file.

On the underside of the pot where the plant sits prints out rough and seems slightly thinner than the rest of the model. Would printing with supports in that spot fix this? Or does this pot need more than 3 shells? Thanks!

I printed with 5 shells and it seemed OK. Mine was a little rough without supports so I would recommend them.

Can you upload a higher resolution file? you can see the individual faces of the 3D file on the printed object...

I saved him the bother :) have just uploaded a 22mb high res remix.

Awesome Gordon being featured on Thingiverse. :)

Thank you Gordon. I'm going to plant a baby Venus Flytrap in it.

Thank you so much Julia. We uploaded many models to our website for our customers just like you :) Enjoy therm

Beautiful shape, Gordon, well done. Something for my gMax :)