Linear Bearing

by jamesstaylor Oct 4, 2010
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Hello, Did you ever implement this? It seems like a good idea, just wondering if it ever worked out.

No, I never implemented it. It was just a proof of concept that I did when I was getting my engineering degree. As I look at it now, it is really a poor design, starting with the fact that you are using a "flat" surface (outside edge of 608 bearing) to traverse a curved cylindrical surface (linear rod). Anyway, sorry, got off on a tangent. If you are looking for an inexpensive linear bearing solution I can send over some solutions that I have used that have worked very well (and were cheaper than this design). Just let me know if you want me to upload photos or models somewhere).

So, short answer, nope, never implemented beyond the proof of concept as seen above.

Hello jamesstaylor,

Would you be able to share the pictures that show the better solution. I was liking the design of this bearing, but if you have an idea of something better I'm all ears!

You bet. What are your constraints, design objective, implementation setting, etc? Pretty much, what are you going to use it for?

It would be for the next iteration on my CNC router. Parts can be printed, routed or cast (aluminum and brass). As with all home made machines. I can't machine any materials harder then aluminum and I don't have a lathe. The current version is using v groove bearings on a grinded steel angle that is bolded on a aluminum profile. It works but it is a bit disappointing with lateral forces. I was thinking to use your design with u grooved bearings for better contact.

Hello Jamestaylor,

Were you were able to find back the pictures? Thanks

Does this work with one rod without twisting, or do two of these need to be used with two rods to prevent twisting?


Great  ....i will convert to metric time permitting

Yes! You are correct. Thank you for that link! I saw this a few years ago, but hadn't been able to find the link. Thank you!

Updated to add the ability to adjust and tighten the bearings.

Is this scaled correctly? Loading the .stl Replicatorg it comes out way too small. Scaling it to 10x makes it appear about the right size but that's just a guess. Nice design, btw.

Yes, the scaling on the STL files was off (exported with units as cm instead of mm) =-O. I have uploaded the fixed file.

Very cool! This might be a suitable replacement for the linear bearings on the Makerbot, no?

I am currently trying to scrape funds together to finish my makerbot, so I'm not sure. Everything is built, I've got an extruder, I just need the electronics (minus extruder electronics). So, if anyone out there has upgraded their electronics and has an old set laying around, I would be eternally grateful if you would send them my way =-X. I recently returned to school to finish my mechanical engineering degree so cash flow is tight. :)

Very neat, but does the plastic need tapping before you can screw the bolt into it, also how do you adjust it?

I didn't render the nuts. Right now there is no way to adjust it, but I am going to make a few changes (including making it adjustable).

Its similar in some ways to my design: http://www.gilesbathgate.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/100_1352.jpghttp://www.gilesbathgate.com/w... adjustment is done by clamping the lower part up into the upper part somone else also implemeted a version of this after seeing my design: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Mo1c6Vr1ls8/TDjJgliUBcI/AAAAAAAAAV8/9ALn-onnXuQ/s320/IMG_3558.jpghttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Mo1c...

Very clever, I like that.