Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

French Bulldog

by yuchiayeh Aug 18, 2014
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Thanks for sharing!
I had printed one and my wife is happy! :-D

If you put the dog on its side to print, the legs will be more stronger maybe.

It seems the walls of the front legs are very thin and break easily. The back legs don't have that issue. Shell thickness was set to .6
Not sure if its my printer or this model

It's true that the front legs are kind of thin. Due to the printing direction, the legs can break more easily.

Really nicely made! Thank you for sharing this design. :)

hi there, great model
I was wondering if you could split the model into 3 different files so I can print it as big as I can on my cube x, (hopefully real size)
many thanks in advance.
And in return I will send you a photo of it next to my little pomeranian dog!

Thank you for liking my work.
I've already uploaded the separate files. Hope it's going to be useful.
Please do let me know the result as you printed in real size. I'm looking forward to it.

thankyou so very much!
I will buy more plastic and start printing it!! i will post photos when done.
Again thankyou so much.
Do you use MAC? if so what software did you use to split it up?

If you're going to print it in real size you will need "a lot" of plastic!
No I don't use MAC. I use Rhino to split it up.
Keep me posted. I want to know all the detail on this :)

I will start with the legs now. It will take 41 hours and will use 325 grams of 3mm PLA.
I will post photos in a couple of days.
I have a second machine but this one need a new roll of plastic

can this be made into a three dimensional key chain?

Comments deleted.

I am currently printing. I scaled it down by about 25% and then used Netfabb to repair the file in case I messed something up by scaling it down. The legs printed great but when it was time to start the stomach it just printed a bunch of strings. Is this normal for part of objects which do not directly touch the platform? The rest of the stomach looks great, am I supposed to remove the stringy pieces after the print and it will look as intended? Thanks a bunch!

Did you ?add support when you are printing? When I am about to print something, I hate using supports. It waste too much material. I cut the models in several parts so that it would print beautifully. And glued the models afterward. I just post a picture above. Explained how I build my models.

Can you please post the 3 parts stl files? Thanks.