Nautilus Mount (RigidBot E3D v6)

by walter Aug 18, 2014
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very interesting! how well does it work compared to a more common type of shroud? i might use this design for my carriage!


So I printed the 30mm version but but it still holds the nozzle too high! My bed is about as high as I can make it, and the z-stop is all the way down and I'm still a few mm away from the nozzle. My old hot end is unusable. I'm at a loss for what to do.

Thanks for posting! Is it possible to post STEP files for the parts as well?

Great design! Would you be open to sharing the source file for e3d_mount_32mm_v1-10_CLAMP.stl? It seems like the current E3D V6 machined aluminum lip is a bit thicker. I'd love to modify it and send it back to you to post version V1.11

Let me know if you'd be ok with that. Thanks!

how are the aquarium air lines working out? I'm considering doing the same kind of setup.

Forgive the ignorance, but what is the purpose of the extruder spring washer, and how do I know which one to use?

it is for the distribution of force. you can use it without, but you might see damage on the plastic after a while. the washer is just there to prevent that, and to distribut it all a bit more evenly.

I didn't use it on mine and it works fine...

I am using Chinese hot end parts, I would like to modify the mount to fit the heat brake which has a 25mm dia.
I have been unable to convert the STL file
Is it possible for you to email / upload a CAD dwg, dxf file of the 30mm_v1-6_BASE.


Can you please upload the solid of the original mount?

I would like to adapt your 32mm E3D mount and low profile bearing mounts so it is incorporated into a printed extruder mount plate with a cable chain end piece and an extruder "Bye Bye" style board that I made, but I cannot get the STL file to import into Fusion 360 correctly. Would it be possible to get the original design files for it and the bearing mounts? You can find me on the G+ RB group nearly anytime. under my real name of William Eades

Hello Walter,

Can this be used for a duel e3d setup on the rigidbot?

Walter how did you find the tubing worked off a radial fan? I'm having a bear of a time fitting in a radial fan in my latest design. I really like your tank extruder part cooling, but I just don't see myself fitting that easily. I think a tube would be the easiest method for part cooling. Was there a reason you moved away from it?

My main reason for moving away from it was lack of airflow and it was a bit fiddly to install. I probably don't need the extra cooling, but I wanted to have extra CFM to experiment with. I think one or two larger diameter tubes (instead of the 4 small ones) will probably work a lot better if you have the room for it. I tried rectangular tubing at one point but it just collapsed flat when bent.

Thanks for the insight. Even a small squirrel cage blower takes up a significant portion of my carriage design: http://i.imgur.com/kJ2AuTO.png and I'm just not finding a way to make it fit and blow air at the extruder.

Lately I'm been considering mounting a large blower mounted outside and tubing to minimize carriage bulk: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/112703

Just so hard to make everything work as expected and still fit inside the enclosure. Wish I had Rigidbots amount of room to work with :)

This is perfect for my Pico 3D which uses a "standard" groove mount.
i.e. http://reprap.org/wiki/Groove_Mount

But the groove on this is just 1mm too wide. Any chance you could make a version a tad thinner for groove mount users? No problem if you can't and thanks for all you share with us! Your designs are amazing.

How does this mount to the alum. plate? 3mx166mm bolts from the bottom - just self-threading?

Do you have any suggestions for material and infill? I would assume ABS with a pretty high infill but I'm curious as to what you would recommend.

Also, I don't understand the part fan. Could you post some pictures of it?

I just added some pictures which should make it more clear (my printer is currently printing, but you should be able to see one of the air hose mounts next to the nozzle. The airflow with the tubing isn't as strong as I would like. I usually run it at 100% for PLA, and it definitely helps, but there should be more headroom to turn it up for small layers and bridging.

I'd recommend ABS for the main part, mostly because the stepper motor can get hot. I don't think much heat makes it up from the hot end with the thick aluminum plate. The parts under the the extruder plate should be in ABS, otherwise they may warp from the heat. I set the infill to somewhere around 20-30% and top and bottom layers to approximately 1mm and two perimeter outlines. I don't think the amount of infill matters very much, the piece should be pretty rigid from just the outside shell. I have found that with more infill though, the holes on the bottom can split the part.

Your bridge test has some of the best results I've seen and I'd like to replicate the overall setup on my printer. Can you add a picture of the bottom/side of the extruder that shows the air tube exits and the nozzle? I'm curious how you hold the flexible hose ends in place, along with how the exits are directed. Thanks!

Thanks! I'm using a different mount these days so that one has been disassembled, but I think I used the air hose clip A on the right side, and clip B on the left. They were pointed down towards the nozzle, and trimmed flush with the inside side of the clip. I'm not sure how much that particular configuration matters for bridging, I didn't really try different options.

Thanks Walter! The part fan makes perfect sense now. I'll work on printing up the part fan after I get the hotend mounted and working.

I will be printing the main parts in PLA at 25% infill and 0.1mm layer height just because I want it to be super sexy and my ABS prints are coming out very much less than sexy LOL I will print the bearing holders and belt connectors in ABS at about 20-25% infill and probably 0.2mm layer height.

Do you have to replace the bearing and belt mounts? Or will it reach the plate with the original mounts?

The older 30mm version doesn't require new bearing/belt mounts, but the newer 32mm version does.

Thanks I will measure them when I get home this evening, but I'll probably have to print the new ones. I like the way this mount looks best, I'll probably print in red ABS to add some flair to the RB.

Walter, have you thought about having the mount, base plate and bearing holders all printed together? I'm trying to open the mount's body in sketchup and it won't open.

Thank you for sharing this, it's really nice!

Thanks! Yeah, I wish I had started out that way instead of trying to make it work with the aluminum plate. If I redesign this mount, I'll probably do that.