Large Luxo Jr

by DanielBull Aug 18, 2014
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any chance you could upload the links separately as I only need to reprint one : (

I don't have 123D installed any more as I'm now using OnShape which works under Linux whereas 123D doesn't.
However its free so if you download it and install it you could save out just one of the links.

Its probably easier to just print them both though and have a spare.

what springs did you go about using for yours and where did you get them?

I bought a random box set of springs from ebay or BangGood I think. It was basically a clear plastic tray with dividers and lots of springs in it for a few £.

how much do you think it should be scaled up or down to be a scale model of what they have in the pixar intro?

Bigger than my printer can do ;)

how much filament was used(grams)

Depends on how you slice it.
Your slicer should tell you that.

Can please someone show mw the assembly instructions? If they exist... Thanks in advance

If you click on Thing Details there are some instructions there. As for how its assembled its easiest to look at the pictures and make yours match.

I am trying to figure out before investing in a lighting set up I like what are the dimensions of the inside of the shell from the back to the front edge if the back hole is filled and flush?

The best way to get all the dimensions you need would be to download Autodesk 123 Design (free application) and the 123d file from here, then use the measuring tool - or - download the STL file and use one of the many applications that support STL to measure it in there.

Loved your design enough to commit on building one. Unfortunate, half way down, I find that not all the files are included in the STL format!
I don't have Autocad, so can't say.
The first render after the lamp picture on the main page, shows the rod (Middle) that's missing from the collection. Actually, the thumbnails don't match the content.
Could you fix it so I can finish this project? A list of parts and quantity of each part would be very helpful to others too.
Thanks for sharing.

All of the files you need are definitely available in STL, some of the STL files contain more than one part. The thumbnails are automatically generated by thingiverse from the STL files when they are uploaded so they should be accurate.

No quantities are listed as each of the STL files contains the exact number of each part required, for example rods.stl contains two long rods and two short rods. This means if you print each of the STL files once you will have all the parts required.

It sounds like you might have a buggy application which is only showing one part out of each STL file?

I am using Cura. I see 1 part instead of a small plate of 2 or 3 parts. The thumbnails are right, but the actual stl file has only 1 part instead of 2 or 4 !!
I used Pronterface, and it too showed the same thing using slic3r. I am officially stumped...

I just downloaded and tested in Slic3r 1.2.9 and all parts are showing.

Might be worth re-downloading them?

I downloaded it again. Only see one part per stl!
Downloaded slicer 4 and it shows up!!!
This Murphy is kicking my ass today...

Slic3r 4?
The current version is 1.2.9

Ohhhh... never seen that before, interesting.

Cura does not see past a single model! May be its a bug or may be something else.
Too bad. I liked it a lot.

Amazing work! What material you can recommend (ABS or PLA)?

I would recommend PLA, its much easier to print stuff that size than ABS.

I recommend you print fragile items such as the rods with a high percentage infill to make them strong.

What does high percentage infill means?
Can you provide exact percentage of infill for each part?

Not really as it depends on what materials you use, what type of infill your slicer does and your printer and temperatures. Try printing one of the smaller parts with a few different infill levels and see which you are happy with the strength of.

Very nice work right here! Was going to print a few for co-workers, downloaded files....but cant print the base due to my print bed limitations:

Flash Forge Pro
Build size 8.9 x 5.9 x 5.7 inches


Sorry for the delayed response, sometimes I don't get notifications by email. You could try scaling it down?

Well done, DanielBull -

I have a limited printing area (Printrbot Makers Kit 1405 - roughly 100^3 mm printing volume), but thought I would take this project on. I started by trying a 50% scaling, but the stem was a real bear. It kept toppling over. I added a pad (pseudo-raft), but its too small. So, I am printing full-scale - by applying a spline (sine-wave) and split the base into eight wedges. That worked great because you were kind enough to include the 123dx drawings. Thanks!!! Very much appreciated.

However, I have a couple of questions for you - can you recommend an appropriate LED assembly for this project? Searching for LEDs isn't what is use to be when red, amber, and green were the only choices.

Second question - would you be so kind as to re-upload the 123dx for the links? It seems the 123dx and stl files are the same (showing the facets) when loaded into Autodesk 123D Design. Thanks again for your hard work.

I haven't figured out how to slice up the lamp-bell ....

White LED's should be easy to get, have you tried EBay? I used a Luxeon Star LED as they are really bright but you need to be aware they get hot so you need a heatsink like the one in the photo.

With reference to the links they were the only file I didn't need to recreate in 123D Design so they are just the original files scaled up. This means there is no 123D Design version of those, sorry :(

Print the lamp head in a glow-in-the-dark filament and you'll get light even when it's turned off.

I'm trying to do it on a smaller machine (150x159)
by just setting the slicer at 0.75 %

so far so good!

sool ill post pictures of the result :)

Awesome I'd love to see it!
Hopefully the tolerances will be OK, if not you might have to get a small file or some sandpaper to make it fit :)

hey thanks for support!
if you have any suggestions, it would be great!
im having problems with the base.
if i just resize at 0.75% i can't fit the holes for the cord.
Im trying resizing at 0.75 x and y. But i magnified the z to have it taller... so i have material to drill!
It would be possible to print it at full size, if only the base was within the margins.
I am at my baby steps in the 3d printing and i still need to learn cadish :)

Could you use a thinner cord?

i don't know if electric cables have different sizes and i really want this working, on my desk, as mementum.
do you know any program that make me work on an .stl?

Even better. If you download Autodesk 123D Design and download the file base.123dx from this site you can alter the file however you wish :)

For those having to go back to the 123D files I've just uploaded the links 123D file. Its the only one I didn't recreate and is not a true 123D file just a scaled up STL to match the size of the rest in 123D format so you can re-export.

Hope this helps..

hey guys,

i had the same problem with the missing parts. i found out that when you open the files in 123d design, select them all, export as stl. it works.
be sure to click yes when asked if you want it to be exported as 1 file for 3d printing. This way it will import all the components in MakerWare.


Thanks Mark!
Thats odd as its the opposite if what I see when I use my slicer, if I export them all as one it doesn't work as the slicer thinks they are one model :)

Nice work, thank you. i am gonna to make one but seems to me that when i open the box selection.stl, rods.stl and hinges.stl, some components are missing out there. I had tried to open it in different program but still facing the same issue. I had printed the rest of the parts, so could you please review and upload those files again for me to complete it? thanks a lot.

Hi there, are you downloading all the files?
You need:


8 files in total.

They are all in the files section.

Hi DanielBull, Yes, i had downloaded all 8 files, and i had printed the base, stem, lamp bell, links and neck. However, for e.g., supposed that there are 3 components in the Box_sections.stl file as shown on the above picture, but when i open it in the makerbot desktop program, there is only one component in the file. Same situation for the rods.stl and hinges.stl, there is only one component in the file when i open in the makerbot desktop program. It will be great if you could help me to complete the printing. Thanks.

Hi there,
I just downloaded and checked all the files in KISSlicer, Meshmixer and Meshlab and they all seem to be correct. In addition the previews on this site show all the parts, which would seem to indicate the files are OK. I'm guessing you have re-downloaded them to make sure they downloaded correctly so I'm not sure what to say really. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of the MakerBot desktop program but it sounds like it may have a bug, I would recommend you contact MakerBot.

The other option is you can download the 123D Design source files and a copy of 123D Design (its free) and re-export them to STL and then try those. The only file I don't have in 123 design format is the links as they are identical to the original lamp just scaled up. I can make it for you if you like though once you have confirmed that using the 123D files solves the problem.

Hi Daniel,

thank you so much for your work and advise on how to reproduce LuxoJr. I have but one question. Could you give me some pointers as to the spring-specs; I was kinda overwhelmed by the various options I had at my local shop. Could you maybe show me which spings you would buy in the UK http://www.entexstocksprings.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=36&unit=mm.


@lfproducts: I had the same "problem" in Makerbot Desktop, I simply imported and re-exported the stl files in Blender.

Hi Ramberg,
Thanks for the Blender tip. I wonder what it is that 123D does on export than Makerbot Desktop doesn't like?
Maybe if lots of people see the same problem I should do an export and re-save of all the files and re-upload them?

With reference to the springs they are really only there for cosmetic reasons as the lamp stays upright with friction. In the end I just bought a box of cheap random springs from a local hardware store for a few pounds and figured out which ones fitted the best. A quick Google shows the set I have is this one: http://www.mandys-tools.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=79551650
I don't know anything about that website but that seems a similar price to what I paid, and it has 150 springs which means you will have lots for other projects :)

Hi Daniel, thanks a lot for your advice. I will try to work on the 123D design as it is the original. Thanks.

lfproducts, I'd do what ramberg said and just open and resave in Blender.