Posable Minecraft Enderman

by TangibleLabs Aug 18, 2014
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you have to be over extruded by like 40% to make the joints fit. lol.

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3803509 here is the enderman with screws joints, How in the world you make this desing to work? did you use glue?

EnderMan Foldable with Screws

It turned out really well, but the joints are way too loose. I needed to either glue it in place, or put blu-tac in the joints. Other than that, really liked it.

LOL seems like this has the same problem as most other minecraft figures on thingiverse. The joints just isn't good enough and the fit is poor.

Same as every other comment. Doesn't fit! Poorly designed, sorry.

Needs a redesign.
welp... wish I would've checked comments first, ha. Yeah, the joints are very poorly designed and the only reason my arms stay in is because the printer screwed up at the very end, giving them some extra plastic to help stay in. The leg joint is fully unusable without some substantial filing.

Like other user, the design is cute but the model has trouble to stay together.

Same as the other posters. Will glue parts together for a static model.


Yeah same here. The joint sockets aren't even remotely close to the right size. :( Look elsewhere this one doesn't work.

Printed without any modifications - won't snap together - whole to big or ball joint too small. Cute but doesn't stay together.