XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 Spool Holders

by sedzen Aug 19, 2014
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I printed one of these when I first got my Da Vinci Pro. It worked great on the side of the printer since where the printer is currently, I have no room to hang a spool off the back. My only problem is that the spool broke last night at the top where it hooks over the side. I might have printed in PLA instead of ABS which could have caused the breakage but I'm not sure. I'm currently printing out some other spool holders to try but I really liked this one. If they don't work out, I'll just remix it with some stronger supports. I might also throw up a replacement window pop-out for the printer so you can still use it.

Great Just what I was looking for! Thanks! =)
But i had to print it twice because the first time it warped like crazy!

good morning

as for the chip to the cartridge to what remains has 240 m

Thanks for the part! it is exactly what i am looking for. Put repetier firmware on my 1.0 to avoid the cartridge. I Made a pvc spool holder to sit on the top and feed through the handle in the top, but it jams i certain positions because of the friction with the two lids. I saw the gap in the back that is perfect to feed filament, and when i googled da vinci spool holder this came up. It is EXACTLY what i needed. Ill print it with the last of the stock cartridge. Ill let ya know how it works.

Can i leave an almost empty filament container in Da Vinci to use 3rd party?


You need to reset the eeprom in the old filament cartridge so that the printer thinks there is still filament on the spool. More information here... http://wctek.com/xyz/

Made one, works great thanks.

0.3 and put it on fast works great

I'm using it (the single version) and it looks nice, but it has a problem. Often the filament ends up between the spool and the case, and if not caught on time then that'll likely block the feed of filament and ruin the print. This seems to happen mainly at the beginning of the print though.

I have only had this issue with filament that was wound with "twists" causing it to unwind itself loosely. I also find that it is best to load the spool so that the filament is unwound from the bottom versus the top. I originally planned to build a filament guide(s) to print and mount on the case but so far haven't needed them with the spools that I have been using. I will try to finish and upload my guide design when I have some extra time.

Hmm wait a sec... I just noticed on your video that you are feeding the filament through the back of the printer, is that correct? I have it routed through the open handler on the top. That is probably the flaw, cause it seems that when the extruder first moves from its home position to the center of the bed it causes the spool to unwind quite a bit, and that is causing the issue I mentioned.

Yes, mine is routed through the back between the top lid and case. I then route it through the original filament feed tube near the cartridge before it is loaded into the extruder. I also moved the tube and grommet to the opposite side (hole meant for second cartridge if it existed) so that the cartridge can easily be removed and reset while the filament is loaded.

How are you getting the printer to recognize that there is no case loaded?

You can either flash it, or but one of those cool little chips that can keep it reset every time

Yep, I did that too and no longer have the unwinding problem :) My only concern is that the extruder might not be able to pull the filament in some cases... I'll keep an eye on that. Thank you for the design!