Modular Puzzle Containers

by Zydac Oct 6, 2010
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Print the tallest one at 100% infill. Stop it when it is at the desired height.

My wife just said: "Here can u print them for me please? - In 3 or 4 Colors?"
I put 6 of them into the slicer at 0.1mm - 55 hours, 500g filament.
Times 3 - Three colors. Thanks for blocking my printer, wife, that you never wanted, lol.

I'm curious about how you made the puzzle pieces themselves? I have a project coming up where I need to make puzzle pieces like what you've made but smaller.

I drew them in Rhino. Two opposite sides are the inverse of the other two sides with a bit of an offset so it fits together.

Is it possible to make this with 2 flat sides. So that you can print 4 of them put them together and make a square. I tried but my design skills aren't very good yet.

That is a good idea. I might make a mod of this some time in the future. I've been busy with other stuff. so I haven't done much botting recently. Next time I have some time off, I'll model a square side version.

Those who use it, what do you actually put in these?

Are you able to retrieve the contents without turning them upside down?

I designed it for a desktop pen
amp; pencil holder.

Nice, What do you use as your spacing tolerance?

I tweaked it back and forth and ended up with an offset of .35mm. Makes a satisfying sccckkkk sound when you slide them together. Other machines and skeinforge settings might get more or less friction, but there is a certain amount of flexibility in the shape, so it should work OK.

This would be awesome as a parametric openscad script.

This of course is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and I love it.