by andreynech Jan 20, 2013
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I actually merged some of these parts and scaled it down to 42% to fit onto the Tamiya tank base. I can post the remix if you guys want.

> I can post the remix if you guys want
Sure! Please let me know the link and I will mention it also on our site.
Thank you!

Done. You should see the link here under Remix It. Hope you like.

Ok. It isn't pretty, but it works (so far). I will need to do this later today. Maybe you can take what I did and re-scale accordingly. Basically, I took the chassis front, and made it solid walled (verticals) and then elongated it and took the 'jaw' and merged it with the front and created a rear portion. I also totally bastardized your mount at the top to accept a PING. On the inside it looks ugly as heck, but when painted on the outside it looks great. I wanted to put in a PING and an Arduino Uno with a 2-motor shield to go with the Tamiya 2 motor gearbox. All in all, your dimensions get scaled down to 42%.

I'm happy to cut up parts into pieces that can be printed on a smaller printer. Any particular size needed? Maybe parts smaller than 5x5x5 inches? Jstarne1

MakerBot Replicator 2, as one of the popular printers, has 11.2 L x 6.0 W x 6.1 H inches build volume, so your suggestion sounds good to me. Please go ahead! I would also appreciate if you can let me know where the new models are so I can mention it at our web-site (http://veterobot.orgveterobot.org).
Thank you very much!

Very nice project
would it be possible to split the height of the carcass in half the height of the print wont fit my reprap and turning it will increase the print time with support to 21 hours

Thanks for the positive feedback! :-)

Regarding the height of the middle part you mentioned - just splitting the part would not be enough. We should also find the way to fix two parts together by assembly. Despite the fact that it is printable on Ultimaker, we are working on the way to split this part. The main reason is that such large print fails sometimes and we would like to split it in smaller parts. However it is not currently on top of our todo list and it might take several weeks before we come back to this task.

Since we provide all the original Blender files, you can try to split it yourself. Please let us know if you will find the nice way to do it.

a delay is no problem i split out just the bottom rails so i can assemble
the parts and work on the electronics will post a pic when i have some more parts printed

Very cool. Looks like you've got a lot of infrastructure here for a truly awesome rover.

Thanks! Yes, we are working since at least 3 years on it and it took several iterations to come from piece of wood with three wheels to this 3D printed version :-) .