Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

ZENDOME Stereoscopic 3D NEXUS 7

by fullandc Jan 21, 2013
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I have tried your links for the lenses. None of them work. What type of lense am I looking for to make this work?

i am in the process of printing this out and instead of a nexus 7 i'm using a 4" by 7" LCD monitor with power and an HDMI port , i think i will create a bracket for an airmouse for head tracking but shouldn't be to difficult .....i will post pics when i get it all printed and together

This Viewer looks amazing but, how do you touch the screen to move on the images?

Hi Ronart,

when i started this in 2013 there was nothing like "touch the screen & move the images" - No Google Cardboard, No Samsung no nothing! - so nothing to move! - i started a youtube video and watched it!

i think google cardbard is working with head gestures! - give it a try!

Okay so I'm about print this for my nexus 7 '13 what lens should I buy for it?

I made one that is an ipod size

YOU ARE THE BEST !!! Many Thanks for sharing !!!!


I really like this project, but I had a derivate in mind when I saw this. It could be useful to use as a "movie watcher" for smartphones. You mount de phone on your head with this, and you can lay down and watch a movie on your phone.

Is it possible to make an iphone 5 adaptor for this? I even want to help, maybe if you post the solidworks/.. files?


Hi Maxime ,

i could but i´m using AD Inventor - so perhaps there will be a file mess - usually it never works to export and import useable data! - it´s perhaps faster to model this from scratch! it took me only 30min!


Cool, I also work with AD inventor (so AD files are great for me)
It would be easier to start from your design, so I got the correct dimensions to start with.


i spend some time searching for a android application that makes sense - it is not so easy - i´ve even talked to the guys from "GAMELOFT" Nice Contact but i couldn´t run a stereoscopic game on my nexus!

i just found the guys of the USC http://projects.ict.usc.edu/mxr/category/diy/http://projects.ict.usc.edu/mx... good resources for lenses and building stuff (why didn´t i find them earlier) and the best - feel like a mouse with the free android app FOV2GO Tales From The Minus Lab" - including a rather Impressive Headtracking based on UNITY - Please UNITY Experts make More!

="thingiverse-b24d516bb65a5a58079f0f3526c87c57:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-b24d516bb65a5a58079f0f3526c87c57/rplumley no kickstarter planed - it is just for fun - let other earn the money - but would be great if the crowed in the cloud would join to get some serious games on it! - i googled my fingers bloody there are some nice games by "gameloft" which seem to have a SBS (sidebyside) mode - but they are only available for the HTC EVO 3d - perhaps anybody of the Droid Freaks has an Idea - i just spotted a nice Bluetooth gaming davice - for 30 euros - that could be fun!

When does your kickstarter start? Ha seriously this is an amazing idea which I'm surprised no one has tried this yet.

A video walkthrough would be good before I try to find a nexus 7

Any way to use a wiimote with a nexus 7? That seems like it would prove all the control needed. At least to start.

oh, use it with google skymaps and implement the same technology to do head tracking... profit!

this might be nice with a droid dna.

="thingiverse-ae5a48893b0ff60134096f2f4c9f7db2:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-ae5a48893b0ff60134096f2f4c9f7db2/3dfocus - sorry i just calculated the childrens binocular lenses again - they will hav something like 7 Dioptrin and 30mm diameter! -

@3dfocus - the lenses i used are from a childrens binocular! They focus in 150mm so they will have 15 Dioptrien! They are about 28mm diameter! The original frame is made for lenses with 40mm diameter! I just ordered lenses With 10 Dioptrien, flat on one side and curved on the other, with 40mm diameter to test them and to reduce the hight of the frame to 100mm!

Hey - I would like to write an article about this. My only question is - what sort of lenses do you need? and what dimensions? Thanks!

thanky you guys - it is a pleasure to be featured! - ="thingiverse-4aa8dd9a08fdc32d53eac21cf46e79c0:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-4aa8dd9a08fdc32d53eac21cf46e79c0/Riddellikins i´m not very talented in cross eyed view and i don´t think you want to see a whole movie this way - the result would be a big headach!

Also, you have to keep your head in a very specific place. I think that would contribute to a lot of neck problems. :)

This is a great idea. I just got a nexus 7 for Christmas. Just one problem is that you can achieve the same effect by going cross eyed. You probably already know this but I just thought that I would tell you anyway. :)

(I do see the point in this though, the cross eyed thing is pretty difficult to do)

Crossing your eyes will switch the images. Depth will be fubar

very creative, nicely done!

haha love it. NIce work!

This is incredible! Great idea :) Luckily I'm a Rift backer, so I receive one soon hopefully.