Earphone Wrapper Bracelet

by suatbatu Aug 22, 2014
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Love it! Just 2 requests. 1. Can you make it larger? I'd really love to be able to fit my hand through without unwrapping the bracelet and it's hard to put on even when it's empty. I think a little large size would help immensely. 2. Can you make the edges on the inside of the bracelet rounded? I think this would make it much easier to get on/off and also make it more comfortable.

Just a couple ideas, this is ultimately your design though and is awesome even as is

Great idea man !!

Just printed one and using it !
great design keep up the good work !!

Thanks G man, there will be more optimized models, stay tuned :D

I managed to print this with no problems. but it is hard to get your arm into it but it is a really good idea I think it would make more sense to print this in flexible PLA the next time

Thanks for the feedback.
I see you also use Ultimaker 2, maybe our slicer (cura) is repairing the problems which others fail, that might be why we both didn' had any problems...
By the way, which flexible filament do you use? I wasn't able to print with ultimaker's flex... Thanks again

I am have trouble printing it. I have tried redownloading it and I have messed with the slic3r settings. Both versions have holes and overlapping facets.

I think I have serious problems with my .stl exporter. I will re-model it as soon as I can

Thank you, I am looking forward to printing this.

Hello.. nice idea but:
When i load it into Repetier-Host an error appears " Object is not Manifold"
I tried to repair the file with netfab, still doesn't work =/

can we get the original file or can you repair the file?
Sorry for my english :P

Have a nice day

I didn't had any problem with it before but I will look into it as soon as possible. (give me 48hours I am AFK at the moment)
Which model has problem by the way?

Thank you!
take as much time as you need..
It was version 2.. when i slice it the top part isn't there anymore.

the green part is the Manifold problem.

good night

Hi again, I checked the model, there is a little surface layer in the model, it shouldn't be a problem when printing. I printed it several times.

Print it with %100 infill (for durabilty and also for not having any slicing problems).

If it does not print properly, write me again, I will remodel it

Hope it helps